It’s About Building Trest…man

Gregory Adler


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After struggling the past nine seasons under Head Coach Lovie Smith, the Bears have chosen their next leader. Enter Marc Trestman. The question remains on the minds of Bears fans everywhere: Was this the right choice? After all, Trestman has been out of the NFL for more than eight years in order to coach in the Canadian Football League (eh?) That’s what many Bears fans are thinking: A Canadian football coach…eh.

Hopefuls of the 2013 Bears season should feel at ease putting some trust in Trestman. His resume is quite impressive, and under the special skills section it reads “great at developing quarterbacks.” Case in point, in 1983 Trestman was the specialized quarterback coach for Bernie Kosar, who led the University of Miami Hurricanes to a National Championship. It is evident that Bears management are thinking with a more offensive mindset, considering all of the positive ground that Former-Head Coach Smith made with the Bears’ defensive game.

It seems as though General Manager Phil Emery is trying to balance the scales, and it is a very smart move. There is, however, an argument that many are making that Trestman’s absence from the NFL for eight years can serve as a hindrance, considering that the CFL is not only constructed differently, but also has different rules, equipment and even an additional player on the field. Nevertheless, Trestman’s experience and winning record of 64-34 in the CFL over the Montreal Allouettes was all that was needed to make him stand apart from the other 13 candidates that interviewed for the head coaching position, including Colts Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians and Seahawks Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell.

Having trained Jay Cutler back in 2006 for the NFL Combine, Trestman already knows the Bears quarterback fairly well and can identify any opportunities that need to be addressed. He has also worked in the past with quarterbacks Tim Tebow (NY Jets), Jason Campbell (Bears), Steve Young (San Francisco 49ers-retired), and Rich Gannon (Raiders-retired). Gannon trusted Trestman and it paid off big time when he won the MVP award in 2002.

His previous work with offensive powerhouses, phenomenal QBs, and a winning record have made quite a stir in the NFL, and has some analysts predicting the Bears 2013 season should be the much needed Vince Lombardi slump breaker. Also worth mentioning are Trestman’s plans for the Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator positions. He has selected former Saint’s Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer for the offensive coordinator position, and former Special Teams Coach for the Cowboys Joe DeCamillis as his assistant head coach. With all of the positive changes, Bears fans are already gearing up for next season. It’s only fitting they have a banner to look to: “In Trestman, we trust” … “maybe.”