Are You in the Zone?

Change Comes to NEIU’s Parking Lots


Photo by Steven Villa

Information on the new parking system is displayed on signs throughout the lots.

Viviana Serrano, Opinions Editor / Assistant News Editor

The new parking system at NEIU has made major changes to the way students, faculty and staff obtain a permit for the fall semester.

The parking permits are now electronic. Individuals are required to register their vehicles for designated parking zones through a license plate recognition system.

In a statement regarding the new parking system, Michael Pierick, Vice President for Finance Administration, wrote, “The University has made two major changes with parking services this year.”

The first change is the virtual permit in and of itself.

The second is the ability to register for a permit through the Passport Parking app and website. “This allows the user to more easily register for parking,” wrote Pierick. “And will be especially helpful for visitor and event parking when users can easily obtain a one-day permit without going to the kiosk or Parking Services office.”

Registration for the virtual parking permit is made accessible through the parking page on the NEIU website. The new process of registering your vehicle is similar to the previous procedure, with requirements such as the license plate number, make, model and year of the vehicle. The individual is then prompted to select the semester the permit is requested for and the last step proceeded users to submit their permit request. The individual then receives a confirmation receipt in an e-mail to the NEIU account.

Staff and faculty have the option of registering two vehicles, however they are only allowed one vehicle on campus at a time. Students are only allowed to register one vehicle per semester.

Sarator Whitehead, Campus Parking Manager, said the number of vehicles students could register reflected research that showed staff and faculty worked an average of 37.5 hours per week. The study showed that students only came to campus for class 12 to 15 credit hours per week.

Parking Zones

The old parking layout was divided into levels one, two and three. They are now called zones and divided by color (gold, blue and green.) Each zone is further categorized into a specific zone number available on the sign posted in the parking lots.

The Gold Zone replaced what was formerly known as level one parking and is available for individuals who pay an extra fee. Gold parking is available in: lots A, C and J; the PE Complex; and the first row of the parking garage.

Gold Zone permit holders can also park in both the Blue and Green Zones.

The Blue Zone replaced level two parking and is the standard parking issued to students automatically. Students had the opportunity to opt out of the parking permit by completing a waiver request before Sept. 8. Blue Zone parking includes lots: D, E, F and J, the second, third and fourth floor of the parking garage, and a row in Lot C.

Anyone registered for the Blue Zone can only validly park in the Blue Zone and the fifth floor of the parking garage.

The Green Zone replaced level three parking and is available in Lot L, the parking lot outside of Bernard J. Brommel Hall (BBH) and the fifth floor of the parking garage.

Vehicles registered for the Green Zone are not valid in any other lot.


Students intending to use the parking facilities are required to pay a standard rate of $11.50 per credit hour, a dollar less than with the sticker permits. If a student were interested in participating in gold parking, a fixed rate of $379.00 would apply for the semester.

Employees may select gold or blue parking for their vehicles.

The rates would apply on the length of the permit purchase. A Gold Zone permit would average at $337; an academic, fall and spring semester permit $675; the annual permit — covering the fall, spring and summer semesters — averages $749.

A Blue Zone permit, for a semester, would average $181; the academic is not applicable; and the annual averages $543.

Daily permits have remained the same at five dollars, which can be purchased at the kiosk and inside of the Parking office.

Passport Parking App

For guests, the new permit registration process is done through the PassPort parking website.

Passport allows visitors to pay for parking in advance — if they so choose — or when they arrive on campus. The app will require users to create an account and register their vehicle. Once the visitor is on campus they are required to pay either through the app or in the Parking office. The app will require the zone number, license plate or space number, and the amount of time the vehicle will be in the lot.