Meet the Police: Sergeant Schulz

Independent: Where did you grow up?

Schulz: I grew up in the South Suburbs, I grew up in Riverdale. But then I’ve lived in the city for over 30 years, 35 [years].

Independent: Who’s your favorite sports team?

Schulz: Bears and White Sox. And the Blackhawks.

Independent: How do you feel about their season?

Schulz: Well both of them- Bears and White Sox- I’m not too hopeful. Blackhawks I’m glad. I’m happy they won. I want all Chicago sports teams to win, it’s good for the city. I’m not a “Cubs hater,” nothing would make me happier than to see the White Sox play the Cubs in the World Series. With the White Sox winning it in seven [games].

Independent: Was a career in criminal justice always a part of your plan or how did you get into this field?

Schulz: Well, when I went to college, I got a degree in psychology and got interested in it. Then, I was with the Chicago police department for 31 years until I retired from there and then I came here.

Independent: What was it like working with the CPD?

Schulz: Good. Fun. 31 years of fun.

Independent: Do you ever miss it?

Schulz: Yeah. I miss the circus, I don’t miss the clowns but I miss the action and the adventure. It’s a big organization so there’s more people that I knew and everything else. I don’t miss having to do some of the stuff I used to have to do: Fight with people and all the other aggravation that comes with being a policeman in a big city. Been there, done that, don’t need to do it anymore. I’m very happy with less stressful, less aggravation. Everybody’s in a good mood here. All the problems are very minor.

Independent: What are your hobbies?

Schulz: Golf. Bike riding. Movies.

Independent: What kind of movies?

Schulz: All kinds.

Independent: It’s a tough question, but what’s your all time favorite?
I’d have to go with The Godfather, or Goodfellas. One of those. I took a film class in college which opened my eyes to movies. To this day I say that was the best class I took in college. It was the one I learned the most.

Independent: What is something that you’d like the NEIU students to know?

Schulz: The police department is here to help them any way they can. Don’t be afraid of us. I know everybody is nervous around the police. They all, you know, you get that lump in your throat when you see us behind you in your car. “Oh my God, am I going to get a ticket, did I do something wrong?” All that kind of stuff. We’re really here to help everybody on campus. To anybody that’s interested in criminal justice, the courts, or a career in that kind of stuff, come up to anybody of our officers, or me, and ask us. That’s how people learn what’s it like, what do you do every day, how did you get started, what did you have to do in order to become a policemen and all that kind of stuff.

Whatever your passion is here at Northeastern, get involved in it. The police department is here to help you have as good as an experience as you can. Sometimes people have bad days and stuff happens, you get into an accident in the parking lot, or you lose your iPhone. We