Letters of Leadership: Student Government Association

Hello my name is Nicholas Martinez. I am currently a junior at Northeastern Illinois University and the Student Government President. I have always strived to be very involved on all the campuses of Northeastern, including CCICS and El Centro, and I intend on graduating in 2017. At NEIU, I have had the opportunity to grow and become a better person both academically and personally. Northeastern made a huge difference in my life and has given me many opportunities. So, everyday I strive to return the favor by making a difference in students’ lives.


Student Government has been huge in my life. When I started at this school the first thing on my mind was, “How do I get involved?” Today, I am the President of Student Government and have a whole bunch of plans for the upcoming year. As President, I have decided that financial aid issues, course cancellations and students’ rights need to be addressed this upcoming year. And to do that, we have a petition circulating the school to encourage our administration to listen to the united voice of the NEIU  student body. I believe we will see a great change for the better and I am very excited for the FUTURE of our university.


When I was young I was always very ambitions; striving to do better in my high school career, so that I could finish on top. I went to a very small Christian high school in Westchester, Illinois and I think the size of the school helped me to become more competitive in my academics. I came to realize I was gifted in academics because my peers would come to me and ask for assistance. I graduated high school second in my class and with a great GPA.


My college career goals are to push myself to newer and higher levels of academic success, and to work fewer hours and focus more on school. I hope to continue to fulfill philanthropic endeavors throughout the NEIU community. Northeastern’s El Centro campus has been there for me from the beginning of my college career, specifically my Student Success Coach Alejandra Tafoya. If not for her I honestly would not even be in this school. She’s the greatest — and I hope that one day I will be able to give back as much as she has given to me.


I aspire to achieve academic success in the College of Arts and Sciences at Northeastern Illinois University, and in the future I hope to get my Medical Doctorate in Neurology. I wish to become a philanthropist, community activist, and a neurologist. The reasons for these ambitious goals of mine are derived from a deep inner desire to help make a positive change in our world. I know that there are many physical and mental requirements to perform these duties, but through continued persistence and help from Northeastern Illinois University’s amazing staff and faculty, I know that I will be able to achieve these goals.


I know that after four years of attending Northeastern Illinois University I will be ready for medical school with the capability of fulfilling and exceeding the goals I have set. I hope that through continued assistance from the great counselors, professors, and academic advisors that are employed at Northeastern, I will be able to reach my dreams and help others in reaching theirs as well.


In conclusion I appreciate all of the support from Northeastern Illinois University. I hope that this learning institution will continue to make a difference in the lives of students. My personal advice to all students would be to GET INVOLVED!!! I can promise you that you will never regret getting involved or making a difference in your life and your community.