Seeds Corner


A Land of Libertines


I ride through a land of libertines,

sodium vapor lights, mid-morning dreams

that lurch me forward and out of my seat

through the doors and onto the street.


The kids file out in a long parade,

a solemn stream in requiem haze.

Without any pretense, the police stand by

forcing us all to stay alive.


Walking in a purgatory of unproven self-worth

with fallen angels in combat boots,

I’ve learned not to linger on the streets;

I won’t let them teach me to taste my teeth.


Eyes averted, face in my jacket.

Their power’s in numbers and I’m all alone.

A ray of light, a glimmer of hope,

a burning cigarette with a horrible glow.


Quicken my pace,

I exhale steam and smoke

like footsteps on a conveyor belt,

a rat wheel, or a bad joke.


Sprint to the platform out of breath.

Train rail lightning storm,

roll the thunder,

I’m coming home.


Scott Brehman


“Brehman”- an English major and member of Seeds. His work is derivative of the apathy and exhaustion inherent in the weathering of Chicago’s winters. Information about his personal life can be inferred from certain details present in his prose and poetry.


From poetry to prose, to sculptures and photography, SEEDS hopes to provide a medium through which the members of the university community and beyond can showcase their talents in the visual and literary arts. We are the avenue to diversity at NEIU in artistry; it is embraced and encouraged.


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