Make America Great Again: Not With Trump


Photo courtesy of Twitter

Donald Trump continues to lead in the national poll of Republican Presidential Candidates.

Despite voting Democrat in the last elections, I find myself inching towards the right wing for these upcoming elections in 2016. No matter how far I inch towards voting for the GOP, there is one candidate I will never vote for: Donald Trump.

Earlier this summer, Trump officially announced his candidacy for president of the United States of America.

Just like that, the show host turned the presidential elections into a circus act.

Trump has always been known for speaking his mind, especially against political correctness. The problem is he’s so determined to be blunt about his opinions, that he often crosses the line into downright bullying.

One example of this is with actress Rosie O’ Donnell. Yes, she criticized him first, and in his response to her comments, he made it personal. Now, the fact that they have this feud going on is not the point. The point is, Trump does not take criticism well. This makes it ironic: he cannot deal with being criticized without launching a personal attack. (See: Megan Kelly, 2015 GOP Debates). However, he can pretend to stand against political correctness, calling it a “waste of time.”

Normally, I avoid feuds between celebrities: I’ve never been a fan of Trump as it is. I figured if I shrugged off Trump’s comments, he would go away.

The day he officially announced that he was campaigning for president, he managed to do so in total Trump fashion, by causing controversy. This time, it was on immigration.

Looking past the comment where he stated Mexico was sending “people that have lots of problems” and “rapists,” to the United States, there is a bigger problem here. The problem is that Trump does not understand the very foundation of this country: America was founded on immigration.

Unfortunately, we cannot shrug off his comments because he isn’t stating them for ratings. These comments could also be an attempt to nourish his narcissistic persona. Or he very well may be gathering popularity to increase his chances of attaining the Republican nomination. Trump’s comments matter and should not be taken lightly.

While they may seem innocuous, to Trump and his 3.6 million Twitter followers, he’s stating “facts.”

It is still unclear what an American is by Trump’s definition.

Mr. Trump,

Americans are the people who were living here when this country was founded. Americans are the people who immigrated here to invest their lives in this country for a better future. These are the people from who, should you choose to, can teach you about what it means to live in the “Land of Opportunity.” Americans are the people who, despite their skin color, gender, and race believe this country to be their home. Until you comprehend this, you will not be the “right” choice for this country.

As an American, I don’t want someone who does not believe nor understand this. I want America to be great again; I do not want Trump to be the one who tries to make it so.