SGA Introduces Student Housing To NEIU


Emmanuel Gonzalez

Among the information put out about student housing were different fun activities for students to participate in

The Student Government Association (SGA) invited students to participate in an informational workshop regarding student housing on campus grounds at NEIU.

The workshop included participation from members of the SGA, campus police and Student Affairs. Students were encouraged to visit and ask questions from student leaders and staff and engage in a series of activities.

“Construction of the student resident hall is expected to begin on May 11 and completed in time for the beginning of the fall 2016 semester,” said Matthew Specht, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.

Michael Thompson, the architect of the residence halls, was also present to answer questions regarding the new construction. Architectural designs were readily available for students to view to get a visual understanding of the residence hall location and floor plans.

The residence halls will be available to house any student who is interested in living on campus. The amount of the added expense for room and board has not been made public, but would be added to the resident’s tuition.

I think that this is going to add another element to student life here simply for the fact that this is normally a commuter campus,” said Pedro Nungaray, Student Trustee of the SGA. “A lot of people are coming in and going out, not really being active on campus like traditional colleges with residence halls and dorms.”


One of the main concerns surrounding student housing is the increase of tuition. “If you are not living on campus, if you are not living in the residence halls, your tuition will remain the same,” said Max Caviness, SGA Treasurer. “If you’re living on campus, you’re obviously paying for housing.”

“Northeastern is not even paying for residence halls; we are leasing the land to NEIU Collegiate,” said Nick Martinez, President of SGA. “We actually have nothing to do with the money that’s being made for this building at all.”

American Campus Communities, or NEIU Collegiate as referred to by Martinez, is a private developer of student housing communities.

Campus Police

The resident halls will feature updated security and exclusive access for the actual residents of the hall. Currently, at El Centro, staff members are given IDs with fob alarm systems attached. When the IDs are swiped before the main system recognition, access is granted. The university plans to implement this same system at the resident halls.

“We’re transitioning from old technology, where we used to use the swipe card, to the new technology, which is the fob,” said Chief James Lyon. “Students will have this fob embedded into this card.”

Student Comments

“Education here is good and it’s affordable, but the thing is, if I do want to live here, prices are going to go up,” said Jorge C., an economics major. “You’re still going to need money from somewhere, and since I’m an unemployed student still looking for a job, it’s still going to be rough.”

“I think I will get a dorm, that way I won’t have to drive like half-an-hour and get stuck in traffic,” said student David M., a resident of Logan Square.

On June 1, students will be able to sign up for information updates regarding construction and development of residence halls under the Student Life tab in/on their NEIUport accounts.