Letters of Leadership – English Honors Society

Sigma Tau Delta (STD) would like to invite all literature lovers to come by and check out the National English Honors Society. STD is a welcoming environment where ideas are shared, analyzed and encouraged.

Let me tell you a bit about what we are generally up to in a given semester. Meetings take place once a week, during the activity hour on Tuesdays. We have had the honor of having guest speakers come and discuss publishing, research projects or work that they have published. Also, did you know that many of our faculty members are notable published authors and willing to share their plethora of knowledge and experience?

We have had workshops on how to improve writing skills; we had a meeting discussing how to write an introduction as well as one on conclusions. We also have had themed meetings such as “reading in the round,” where students can share a piece of text that is important to them. Literature is not the only thing discussed; we devoted a week to the iconic TV show “Twin Peaks” where we discussed the formal elements while delighting in cherry pie and a fine cup of coffee.

We also put on two bake sales a semester; perhaps you have walked through the Student Union to see a masterful display of pastries on ornate stands decorated delicately by hand – that was us! We are always looking for new opportunities and venues to share our love of literature and encourage everyone with a passion for ideas (or nothing to do during the activity hour) to come by, take part in the joy and join our community.

While everyone is welcome to come to our meetings, it is also possible to become a full member of STD and delight in the benefits. During the fall semester, we have the Induction Ceremony in which prospective members can learn how and why to join, but I can tell you a few perks here.

STD offers a variety of academic scholarships as well as access to study abroad programs. STD publishes a fiction and a nonfiction literary journal annually, “The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle” for creative work and “The Sigma Tau Delta Review” for critical essays and research projects. STD has a blog called “WORDY by Nature”, which is an online community that offers advice and praise as well as a forum for the discussion of diverse ideas.

STD also puts on an annual conference; student members can submit research projects and have the opportunity to present their work (something that looks rather impressive on a resume). So, if you are looking for access to scholarships, publication and presentation opportunities, or just a space to explore all the amazing ideas stored in your brain, Sigma Tau Delta is the place for you!

Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honors Society, is a proud sponsor of the National English Honors Society. Northeastern Illinois University is the happy home of the Phi Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta.

Check us out on Facebook, Sigma Tau Delta – International English Honor Society (Phi Upsilon chapter), or check out our website: http://english.org/sigmatd/



Rosalind Marsh, Vice-President of English Honors Society