NEIU Acquires Bryn Mawr Real Estate


With another property sold, NEIU comes closer to owning the Bryn Mawr Block for student housing. Caren Realty was among six properties to be acquired by NEIU, through use of eminent domain.

Eminent domain allows governments to obtain property for public use. However, since administration approval in Feb. 2014, property owners and community members have organized protests and voiced disapproval for the acquisition, calling it a “land grab.”

“We didn’t want to sell, we didn’t want to leave, but out attorneys recommended it. They said it was a fight we weren’t going to win,” said Sander Caren.

Caren said the agreement was made, “three or four weeks ago.” The deal was facilitated through meetings of both Caren’s and NEIU’s attorneys who were able to negotiate an appraisal price.

Although Caren may have sold, he made it known that his support for the neighbors would still persist.

“I’ve been with them since the beginning, we’ve had community meetings in my office,” said Caren.

NEIU had previously acquired Pete’s Auto Clinic and a Jewish temple which is now the Bernard Office Building. Caren’s Realty is now the third acquired property on Bryn Mawr Avenue between Kimball Avenue and Bernard Street.

Pete’s Auto Clinic and Caren’s Reality will continue their normal operations until construction process for residence halls begins.

The next issue of the Independent, to be online and in print by April 28th, will contain further coverage on the current situation of eminent domain.