Untrusted Connections

Emily Haddad


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‘Untrusted Connections,’ the Senior Art show by NEIU student Carrie Sill explores the darker side of the human experience. Stemming from the idea that “many people will not always have the best intentions for our well being,” artist Sill uses a deeply symbolic methodology to approach the personal growth that this realization prompted. In “Let Me Fix You,” perhaps the most startling painting of the series; two hands reach out with a scalpel amid a rain of thumbtacks. The gesture is ominous, yet at the same time, somewhat tender.

The minimalist approach to the subject manner offers everyday identifiable objects juxtaposed in philosophically thought-provoking montages. “I utilize both abstract ideals of color combinations and detailed photo-realistic subjects which reflects a comfortable familiarity to my audience,” Sill said of her process in her artist statement.

‘Untrusted Connections’ is located on the second floor of the Fine Arts building, along the eastern wall. The show runs from Jan. 28 through Feb. 8.