Dos Lados – Two Sides

Emily Haddad


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David Bowie, Bob Marley, John Lennon, and other music stars are shining brightly in the NEIU Fine Arts Center. “Dos Lados – Two Sides,” a Senior Art show by Luis F. Arredondo presents a gallery of startlingly beautiful portraitures of musicians from the last three decades.

Arredondo uses watercolors and acrylics in a wide spectrum of colors to breathe life into the images of music legends that deeply inspired him as a teenager. “In search of emotional feelings, these paintings try to convey age, love, beauty and flaws, and, sadness and happiness,” Arredondo said in his artist statement.

His usage of vivid colors to “emphasize the energy and movement” of his subjects brings to mind the sweeping spotlights and rainbow gradient lighting of a concert. Arrendondo really captures an intimate snapshot of the musicians he portrays in “Dos Lados – Two Sides,” and hangs it upon the wall like a treasured memory for all to enjoy.

“Dos Lados – Two Sides” runs from Jan. 28 through Feb. 8 in Gallery 217 of the Fine Arts building.