‘The Last Man on Earth’ is the First Show You Should Watch

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    Courtesy 20th Century Fox

    When you’re the last man on Earth, burning a TP mountain with a flamethrower isn’t such a bad idea.

    What would you do if you were the very last person on the planet?

    Some would try to find evidence of other survivors. Others might find ways to survive their new living conditions. There might even be those that would relish in the fact that they could possibly be the last remaining individual alive.

    If you are anything like Will Forte’s character, Phil Miller, on the new Fox show, “The Last Man on Earth,” you would be all the above and then some. Created by Will Forte (SNL) with partners/directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The Lego Movie), the story centers on the Earth’s seemingly sole survivor, living the life he has always dreamed of in the wake of a devastating viral epidemic.

    Will Forte’s antics in the pilot episode are hilarious. He steals priceless works of art by Van Gogh just because he can. He trashes any home he moves into and uses a gun to open locked doors.

    While this is funny, there is a strong nihilistic trend felt throughout the show. At some points, Phil talks to God and while happy with the fact that he can do whatever he wants, he still misses the ladies. You can look at this like a guy just wanting to spend some time with the opposite sex, but it’s clear that as time progresses, he is getting lonelier on a planet that, in some sense, he now owns.

    The pilot of “The Last Man On Earth” very effectively demonstrates the premise of making do with only a little at your disposal. With the exception of some flashbacks, Forte’s character is the only living human being on the show — and on the planet — and he does a tremendous job of characterizing the feelings of freedom and isolation. He can do anything he wants but at the same time, notices that all of his actions are meaningless, and that sooner or later, he will join the rest of the human species in death.

    One could argue that this show is more a drama looked through a comedic lens.

    The mystery behind the epidemic is interesting because throughout the entire pilot, there are no dead bodies. Some might find this weird — but not as they’re distracted by Phil’s shenanigans. Overall, the premiere of “The Last Man on Earth” will make you laugh, think and essentially give you a new perspective on an old tale.