Restraining Order Dismissed, Cubs Continue Construction

The Chicago Cubs are at their spring training home in Mesa, AZ, but meanwhile at their summer home, Wrigley Field, renovations are still underway.

The renovation of Wrigley Field is coming down to even the smallest of details. In 2004, a contract was established between the Cubs and the rooftop owners of the buildings the line the stadium’s outfield. The rooftop owners agreed to pay the team 17 percent of income from their total business profits and in exchange, these rooftop owners had unblocked views into Wrigley Field from their businesses.

There is one line from the contract that both sides cannot come to agreement over, however, and that is the legal definition of “expansion” of Wrigley Field.  The Cubs argue that the expansion of the bleachers and the addition of the signs (which would ultimately end up blocking the view of these rooftop businesses) are part of the expansion and renovation of the ballpark. The rooftop owners counter that these signs are not part of such renovation and should be banned from being installed.

In the latest development, two rooftop owners filed a temporary restraining order in an attempt to prevent the renovation of the ballpark from continuing. This restraining order can be filed if a business is in immediate threat of being harmed. The Cubs, however, argued that the rooftop owners knew about the signs for months already, and since the season is not underway yet, their businesses are not being affected immediately. The ruling from a U.S. District Court Judge dismissed the restraining order from the rooftop owners and the Cubs were granted permission to continue the renovation project.

The rooftop owners are not making this expansion an easy one for the team, but they are not the only factors affecting the changes being made to the 101-year-old stadium. Despite all their efforts in preparing for the challenges the renovation could bring, the Cubs confirmed that the new bleacher section, which is the first part of a four year plan, will not be ready in time for Opening Day in April.

Looking past the situation with the stadium, the Chicago Cubs in Mesa are preparing for what is surely going to be an interesting season at the renovated Friendly Confines.