Warm Bodies, Warm Hearts, Warm Seats

Angie Starr

4.5 stars


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warm bodies
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

In this romantic comedy in a post-apocalyptic future, a zombie (or in the movie they call them corpses) falls in love with a human. The girl, Julie, lives in a closed-off city run by her father. One day her friends, her boyfriend, and herself go out and find some things for the city. They get attacked by a group of corpses and one corpse eats Julie’s boyfriend’s brains absorbing his thoughts, memories, and emotions. Then he takes Julie back to his “home” and they spend a few days together. Julie starts calling him R because that is all he remembers of his name. R begins to use more words when he talks and Julie starts to believe that there could be a chance he is changing. Other corpses saw that R was protecting this girl and were shocked. The Boneys (zombies that are just little skin and mostly bones and way too far gone) found out about this and wanted to kill them both. They ran to the city to find help. R begins to have other human experiences while he spends more time with Julie. Meanwhile, other corpses begin to feel humanity, angering other Boneys. That begins the battle with the humans and corpses verses the Boneys. I recommend this to others who like romantic comedies and are zombie fanatics.