Appreciating A Cappella: Calmus Concert

(Just Plain Fun / a Refreshing Treat)

Nick Bianchi

For those who have trouble getting interested in live concerts, checking out NEIU’s “Jewel Box Series” could be the perfect cure.

The most recent musical performance was by Calmus, a German a cappella quintet that has been getting a lot of hype for good reason: they put on a great show. Seamlessly infusing humor and passion into a large repertoire of songs that range from classical choral numbers to modern pop, they make it easy for even the most skeptical critic to enjoy their performance. During their program, “Touched”, which was focused on the theme of love, Calmus charmed the audience with a variety of emotionally charged music, ranging from joyful and fun to hauntingly beautiful.

For those who missed out, the performance was recorded for later broadcast by 98.7 WFMT. The next concert featured in NEIU’s “Jewel Box Series” will be Trio Voronezh on Friday, Feb. 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Main Campus Fine Arts Center Recital Hall.