Make the Most of Your Semester

Matthew Von Moss, Staff Writer

The month of January has come and gone, taking with it many of our new year’s resolutions. No matter if we swore to lose weight, get out of debt, or learn something about boxing, our good intentions could not overcome the unpleasant demands of commitment. After all, when the sweat starts to flow on your third lap around the gym, that initial burst of enthusiasm can quickly give way to boredom, loneliness, and a stabbing pain in your left side.

While he can’t help you with the last one, instructor Israel Gonzalez can certainly provide a supportive community and an engaging workout. As coordinator of the NEIU Boxing Club, and a passionate boxer himself, Israel has made the club a place for anyone to come and achieve their goals.

When posed with the question of what his personal goal was in running the NEIU Boxing Club, Israel, with a big smile on his face, went from trying to become champion of the world to being a champion forthe world. Israel is trying to make champions out of his community by helping them rise above their difficulties to discover their own tenacious fighting spirit.

The NEIU Boxing Club offers structured group workouts that feed off of Israel’s energy. They not only teach technique but are also some of the best cardio workouts available. Frank Trigg, Senior Communications major at NEIU stated, “Izzy is helpful no matter what level. Izzy offers total body conditioning for anyone who wants to join. Anyone looking to get in shape quick, this is the way to do it.”

Stephanie Herrera, secretary of the NEIU Boxing Club and Sergio Ortega, equipment manager, said that Boxing Club is a great place to learn discipline and even to do better in school. Both Stephanie and Sergio have taken leadership roles in the Boxing Club and found a place where they can grow physically a well as professionally. Sergio has even decided to major in Health and Wellness due to the great influence that Israel and the Boxing Club has on him.

With the first month of 2011 already gone, you may feel like the window of opportunity may have closed for redeeming that New Year’s resolutions or just getting in shape. Israel and the NEIU Boxing Club would like for you to know that not only is the window open, the campus recreation center is too. Information on joining the Boxing Club is available at the NEIU campus recreation building as well as the El-Centro Campus and, of course, everyone is welcome to join whether or not you know anything at all about boxing.