NEIU Intramural Sports Season

Roberto Rivera , Staff Writer

The hard work that the student body endures every semester also comes with stresses that are sometimes overwhelming. However, these stresses can easily be subdued with some physical activity that is available at the Physical Education Complex. The Spring Intramural Season provides various activities for the student body to participate in, with sports ranging from dual/individual competitions to team competitions.

The spring intramural season started in the third week of January with Five on Five Basketball and Frosty Balls Golf, but there are still plenty of other sports and activities that students can still join.

Spring intramural sports are presented in three categories; team, dual/individual sports, and special events.

For team sports, Campus Recreation is providing Floor Hockey, Coed Softball, Soccer, and a Golf Scramble. While dual/individual sports are HORSE, Table Tennis, Racquetball, Darts, a Swim Meet, a Big Splash Contest and Bags.

For team sports the registration deadlines run through February, March and May. The deadline for Floor Hockey registration is February the 8th, Coed Softball and 7 on 7 Soccer is March 18th, and Golf Scramble is May 5th. Fortunately there are some sports in the individual categories that don’t have registration deadlines, because they run on a challenge ladder sequence. Those activities are HORSE, Table Tennis, and Racquetball. Other individual sports include Darts, which has an April 1 deadline, while the Swim Meet and Big Splash Contest have their deadline on April 26. As for Bags, registration deadline is May 5.

The final category is Spring Special Events which include various other sports including 4 on 4 Indoor Soccer, and 8 on 8 Dodge-ball. Deadlines are on February 15th for indoor soccer and March 29 for dodge-ball. There is also onsite registration available for a Basketball shoot out in March and a Fitness Challenge in April.

Most of the Spring Intramural Sports, excluding Darts and the Golf Scrambler that require a participation fee, are free and provided for NEIU students. There are however other events available to members of the community. For example on February 24 from 10am – 4pm; The Physical Education Complex will be hosting the 5th Annual Wellness Fair that will provide health tips on nutrition, along with raffles, giveaways and massages.

On Sunday, May 1st at 9am there will be the Golden Eagle 5K, here at the main campus. Prices are 10$ for NEIU students, $12 for NEIU affiliates, and $15 dollars for the community. There is also a six week boxing program that runs from either Feb 1 – March 8 and or March 15 – April 28. The fee for each six week program is $30 for students, $40 dollars for staff, $50 dollars for the community and $60 dollars for non-members.

As addresses in the previous issue of The Independent the NEIU hockey club is still accepting players to join. The team’s final match is February 22nd against The University of Chicago but they are still planning to continue play through other leagues after the current season ends.

All information concerning any of the events can be found in the Campus Recreation Spring 2011 Brochure which can be picked up at the Physical Education sports complex. You can also go to the campus recreation website to download the brochure and find information on various other activities. There are still many things available to participate in.

For further information go to: or visit The Physical Education Complex on the NEIU Campus