NEIU Police Blotter October and November

Grace Caruvana and Jacklyn Nowotnik


Three accounts of theft over $300 occurred on campus in October. Three accounts were of secured bikes being stolen and those cases are still under investigation. Two accounts of theft occurred, the first in the Chicago Teacher’s Center (CTC) of two NEIU owned laptops. The second theft is under investigation after victim’s purse accidently fell on the ground and an unknown subject drove by, picked it up and drove away.
Four accounts of theft under $300 occurred as well. The first was the theft of an unattended dictionary. The second was the theft of a muffler from a parked car in the parking garage. The last accounts were of a purse and a bag, the purse was later turned in to faculty. All accounts have been closed.
The Physical Education Complex (P.E. Complex) was the location for a robbery and battery charge. In October an 8-year-old was robbed in the locker room by two unknown youths in.  In November a physical altercation between two youths broke out, one victum was taken to the hospital. Both matters are under investigation and security has been tightened.
Three accounts of verbal disturbances were reported on campus, one in the parking office, one in Lech Walesa Hall (LWH) and one in the Ronald Williams Library (RWL). All three were administratively closed, having been resolved peacefully. A verbal and physical altercation occurred between a young male and his girlfriend in the computer lab in LWH. He was taken to Chicago Police Department lock up, and his court date is pending.
In cases involving motor vehicle, there were six accounts of drivers not having licenses, of the five accounts of suspended licenses. Each case already had at least one (or more) previous citation and I-bonds issued. All cases are awaiting court dates. A couple of cases involved driving on an expired/invalid license. Both cases are awaiting their court dates.
Two cases of criminal damage to state property occurred on campus. Both occurred in the P.E. Complex. One involved an unknown offender etching gang graffiti on to the northern door of the building. Another was the damage of a vending machine within the Student Union lounge. Both cases are now closed.
There are a couple of student cases that are under investigation. The first case is of a student who fraudulently cashed a NEIU check. The second is of an NEIU student that had their identity stolen, and the third is of an NEIU student being harassed by another classmate.
Two cases are pending a court date; one is for possession of cannabis. The other is for a student who was huffing from a can.