Individuals for Palestine

Nell Greaney


During the latest clash between Gaza and Israel more than 162 civilians were killed before the cease fire. One civilian was killed on the border between Gaza and Israel after the cease fire, according to NEIU student Rosalio Alhasan.  Students gathered inside the Student Union hallway this past Tuesday to bring to light what is taking place on Palestinian and Israeli borders. At their table they spelled out Gaza in tea lights and handed out literature discussing the tumultuous history between Palestine and Israel. Rubah Awad met the other six girls that assisted her at this event at a protest against Israel in downtown Chicago. Awad “heard there were individuals for the cause protesting downtown [at which] there were a lot of Northeastern students.” She and the other girls decided they wanted to bring the cause back to school. They refer to themselves as Individuals for Palestine and hope to be a School club or organization by next semester.