Comedy comes to Northeastern Illinois University

Ari Guttman


Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) hosted a comedy night titled Fajitas, Greens, and All, hosted by Mikey O, a well-known comedy producer in Chicago.
Six comedians, Vince Acevedo, Susan Chocki, Michael Issac, Gwen La Roca, Mike Lebovits, and Emily Lake, performed in Alumni Hall. Students from local high schools such as Chicago Bulls, Simeon and Clemente, comprised a majority of the audience. These schools were acknowledged by host Mikey O, who thanked them for coming out to see the act.
Later, the audience was invited to the after show party to meet & greet comedians. Vince Acevedo, Gwen la Roca and Michael Issac showed up to the after-party honoring & thanking attendees. Vince Acevedo sat down and talked about his experience. “Tonight’s event was enjoyable and well worth it,” Acevedo said.
Michael Issac, the only African American comedian that performed, the others being of Hispanic descent. “Tonight was pleasing,” Issac said. “We had a great crowd that liked us very much. It was also the largest crowd that I ever performed in front of,” Isaac said when discussing how his performance at NEIU compared to other college performances. Issac has performed at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) and University of Illinois (U of I) in Champaign, Illinois. “I have been performing for two years so far and I really love it,” Issac said. “I know I live far from here, actually I live in the South of Chicago but I would come here any time because I really enjoyed how the performance went tonight.” Most of Isaac’s act comes from personal experience.
“Tonight’s performance was great and I loved it,” comedian Gwen La Roka said. La Roka has been performing for more than three years. “I also am an actress. I get my material from life experiences,” La Roka said. “I got this opportunity to act at NEIU from Mikey O who is the #1 Latino producer in Chicago. I want to tell everyone that I thank them and I love the support they gave me from the first time I started acting as well as being a comedian.”
All in all everyone had a good time. Some may have even soiled their pants since every joke was hilarious. It was also an eye opening experience for some of the high school students.
Vince Acevedo returns Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. At this event some local comedians will play basketball for charity. A raffle for the local Chicago comedy show will take place during half time.