An Affair To Remember

Nell Greaney

Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


Many regard really good older movies as classics to be remembered, and revisited time and time again. An Affair to Remember filmed in the 1950’s is just such a movie. It does not lay everything out for you, and tells the tale of Nickie and Terry with the camera providing poetic and unspoken details. Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay meet on a cruise ship back to New York from Europe, early on Nickie’s character is established as a playboy early on breaking things off with a lover over the phone. Soon after he runs into Terry McKay, he claims she holds his cigarette case she intentionally runs him through some hoops describing the inscription on it to prove he is the owner.
Nickie begins flirting with Terry and follows her to her cabin he asks her “Now is there any reason the rest of this trip shouldn’t be like pink champagne?” After some coercing, Nickie finally convinces Terry to join him for dinner. Terry finally gives in with an “I’d love to!” leading into “An affair to remember.”
The banter like this that really makes the movie worthwhile for me for the audience, the comedy was well written and placed in the story with perfect timing. Nickie and Terry’s first encounter sets off a series of comical chance meetings aboard the ship. They quickly grow fond of each other and spend more time together, before long the entire ship knows there’s sparks flying between the two of them. No matter how hard they try to keep the secret of their affections, they only succeed in making a scene of faked indifference to each other. Why the show? Both Nickie and Terry are engaged to another. Both their fiancees’ are wealthy and prepared to give them the good life. Just how far could they be willing to go for a cozy life, where they won’t ever have to worry about the bills?
This movie is a romantic comedy done right. There were a couple children’s musical numbers that were frankly annoying and the movie could only have done better without them. But otherwise, the movie never gets boring and for a romantic comedy, has a gripping storyline that draws the viewer into the intrigue. You may find yourself rewinding the movie just to hear the banter between Nickie and Terry again because it is just so clever. This movie is a must for the winter holidays, especially when you have someone to cozy up to including your gal pals. “An Affair to Remember” can be found on both Netflix (streaming included) and Youtube. You may even find yourself sipping pink champagne after this movie, or during a second run.