Wreck it Ralph Doesn’t Need Any Fixing

Greg Adler

Courtesy of Disney


Rating – 5 stars
One of Disney’s most infamous quotes, “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” has truly been expressed with gamers everywhere who are falling in love with Wreck it Ralph. Wreck it Ralph has a simple premise: Ralph, the anti-hero of an arcade game, gets tired of being bad and decides to leave his game in order to take a shot at being the good guy. Besides having a story with a message (in Disney’s usual fashion) it racks up a high gamers score both with hardcore and casual gamers alike. With continual jokes poking fun at some of the videogame industry’s legendary heroes and villains, vintage and cutting-edge, Wreck it Ralph delivers laughs that insert coins into the humor processor of your brain.
The movie provides a journey through video game history highlighting bosses and heroes alike while providing a seamless world that they all call home. The integration of arcade culture and rules provide a nice reflection of gaming culture especially for those who have ever been to a legitimate arcade.
Some of the notable characters are Sonic the Hedgehog, Q*Bert, Zombie, and Pac-Man.  The laughs provided by Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Fix-it-Felix (Jack McBrayer) only let up in order to level up in the next round of this arcade-themed flick. And if that comedy army of two wasn’t enough, Jayne Lynch and Sarah Silverman deliver some great one-liners that hit all of the buttons. This is a four actor co-op mission that meets all objectives.
Wreck it Ralphracks up bonus points for getting all of its components to gel nicely; story, character development, climax, resolution and subject matter. Simply put, it takes expectations and screams “hadouken” while shooting a fire ball of awesome into the audience.
Director Rich Moore is no stranger to animation or “nerdiculture,” having directed 17 episodes of “The Simpsons” as well as 71 episodes of “Futurama.” This is showcased in his respect and integration of so many beloved characters into one story line. With the film’s overwhelming success beating out the box office weekend, it can only be assumed that Disney will be pushing “A” to continue to a sequel before the buzz wears off. With only one “glitch” and plenty of “Easter egg”-like jokes, Wreck it Ralph doesn’t need any fixing and leaves moviegoers and gamers wanting a level two.