Tigers Went to the World Series Four – Nothing

By Greg Adler – Staff Writer

The San Francisco Giants tamed the Detroit Tigers this year in a 4-0 sweep in the World Series. The Tigers seemed to have lost their ability to hunt early on in Game 1. Maybe it could have been attributed to the Tigers being tired from sweeping the Yankees for the ALCS title. Or maybe it was because the Giants were amped up from their squeaker of a win over the St. Louis Cardinals in a 4-3 game series to win the NCLS title.
Needless to say, it was clear in Game 1 of the World Series just whose series it was. The player to make such a grand statement was infielder Pablo Sandoval with three homers in a World Series game, which granted him entry to a club whose only members include illustrious names as Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Albert Pujols. “I still can’t believe it,” said Sandoval. The Giants stomped all over the Tigers with an 8-3 victory. The tempo was set and the games had begun.
Game 2 didn’t bring a high score, but it did bring a mammoth hit. Tigers starting pitcher Doug Fister took a line drive to his head in the third inning which, although it did not cause a concussion, most likely caused some bad pitching, allowing two runs late in the seventh and eighth innings. With the Giants up in the series 2-0, the Tigers were about to be tested to their breaking point.
The third installment of the World Series was just as boring as the second, with the Giants snapping off a 2-0 win. The Tigers were looking more and more like tiger cubs than full grown ball players. Missed opportunities at the plate, paired with a shockingly poor defensive display brought a 3-0 lead in the championship series. With the Giants pitching stacked with cannons like Ryan Vogelsong and Tim Lincecum, the Tigers were left wondering if they could even score a base hit, let alone a run. Add that to the outstanding double plays by first baseman Brandon Belt and shortstop Brandon Crawford and the Giants could not be stopped.
With three games in the bag and a championship within their grasp, the Tigers knew the Giants would not let up. Desperate for a rally, the Tigers managed to score three runs late in Game 4, sending the game into extra innings. On a two ball and two strike count tied in the tenth inning, Giants pitcher Sergio Romo struck out Miguel “Miggy” Cabrera to win the game. Although the Giants crushed the Tigers in a four-game sweep, Tigers player Miguel Cabrera was honored with the Hank Aaron Award, which honors the top hitter in the league, and Giants player Pablo Sandoval was named the World Series MVP. The Giants wrapped up the post season with their second World Series in three years, the last one being in 2010, making this the seventh in franchise history.