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Captivating and Enlightening: Unveiling the World of “Remarkable Bright Creatures” in an Engaging Masterpiece

“Remarkable Bright Creatures” by Shelby Van Pelt will make you believe “nothing just happens — it’s all predestined; it all happens for a reason.” This book effortlessly combines elements of dark melodrama with insightful and whimsical reflections on life, keeping readers engaged and entertained throughout.

The story introduces us to Cameron, an average millennial who finds himself entangled in a web of tragedy and drama. After losing yet another job and experiencing a breakup with his girlfriend, Cameron ends up crashing on a friend’s couch with nothing but his scattered belongings.

Adulting was never supposed to be this hard! However, Cameron remains resilient and devises a plan to guilt his presumed father into paying him the child support he believes he is owed. His reality is shaped by his aunt, who raised him, his mother’s ongoing battle with addiction and an unknown father. But everything changes when Cameron stumbles upon his mother’s few remaining possessions, setting off a chain of events that leads him to a unique money-making opportunity. A class ring, a Google search and a somewhat questionable decision to purchase a camper sets his journey in motion.

Meanwhile, in the distant town of Sowell Bay, Washington, resides an extraordinary cast of characters who unknowingly hold the power to change Cameron’s life forever. Among them are Marcellus and Tova, unlikely individuals whose presence adds charm to the story. Each character contributes to the narrative in distinct ways. As the plot unfolds, we discover the reasons behind Marcellus’ escape from his enclosure, which involve late-night snacking expeditions to the cucumber fish tank. Simultaneously, we come to understand Tova’s pragmatic nature, a result of the numerous losses she has endured throughout her life.

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Prepare to be captivated by the lightheartedness that permeates this book. You will be invested in the blossoming relationship, and see the delicate balance between life and death. I highly recommend this book, as it offers a great escape from reality while leaving readers with a profound appreciation for the extraordinary nature of both humans and creatures alike.

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About the Contributor
Angie Ybarra
Angie Ybarra, Writer
Angela “Angie” Ybarra is a senior student enrolled in the Nontraditional Degree Program (NDP) at Northeastern Illinois University. She hopes to work as a grant writer to assist local nonprofit organizations that address the issues of gentrification within Chicago's NorthWest side and help them find funding for their work. Angie loves to give her audience the opportunity to formulate their own views by presenting the facts or points of interest with the hope to move her audience into action.  “Journalism is what maintains democracy.  It’s the force for progressive social change.”

----Andrew Vachss, Author 

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