What Campus Recreation’s Soccer Tournament and Events Mean for the Future


Josh Lasko, Staff Writer

NEIU remains committed to providing fun and engaging activities for its students on campus. On March 29,2023, a soccer game was held for those who chose to participate.

Although the number of participants was small, it is undeniable that they had a good time in a relaxed environment, able to enjoy a soccer game without the prying eyes of the public looming down on them. Renowned Campus Recreation legend Benjamin Koptik found himself trading blows and defending against the newly established staff member David Sok. 

A friendship turned into a bitter rivalry for the duration of the match as they both performed admirably. ”Since the pandemic, [Campus Recreation has] been doing a great job on resetting and reestablishing a place that students and community members can come to enjoy activit[ies] [and] bond” says Koptik. 

Hopefully, this event inspires more like it, and more people will be able to show up. These events are held with the intention of growing communities for like-minded students who hope to build friendships, inspire teamwork and get a little exercise doing something they enjoy.

In addition, Campus recreation continues to hold other events, such as the 3v3 basketball tournament on April 7, 2023, and the coveted Health Week which will be held April 11-13, 2023. The Health Fair has featured a plethora of activities, ranging from group fitness activities to rock-climbing, for the students to partake in. 

Also, the next big game that is supposed to be held is kickball on April 21, 2023 at 12 p.m. noon. There will be sponsors at this event, so be sure to drop by to see if there are any prizes to be won or food to be had. On top of this, Campus Recreation wants to continue growing the community through these events held for students, so be sure to invite your friends if you intend on going. 

That being said, increasing student participation is a major objective that Campus Recreation intends to achieve by encouraging more and more people to return to campus. Since NEIU is considered a “commuter school,” we have more people coming from all over Illinois, either having to make grueling trips to and from school in the treacherous Chicago weather or choosing to take class online and skip the on-campus experience entirely. 

This makes it difficult for students to come to the recreation center, which is why the staff is committed to a customer-first approach that ensures that guests can rest easy knowing that they are in a professionally run facility with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Campus Recreation hopes to nurture this culture to yield a phenomenal experience for new and returning patrons. Feel free to check it out, as the warmer weather will bring new, exciting and possibly outdoor activities.