Gigantic Winnings for the San Francisco Giants

Ari Guttman, Staff Writer

Image copyright David J. Phillip of AP

The San Francisco Giants did something that would “knock the guts out of a baseball”. Like the Boston Red Sox in 2006, the Giants beat the odds and won a spot to compete in the 2012 World Series.

The Giants came from behind in a game that was for the makings. Who would know that the Giants would beat the Cardinals in game seven of the National League Championship Series (NLCS) and make it to the World Series?  This is how it all started and ended folks.

In game one, the Cardinals beat the Giants 6-4. The save went to Cardinals pitcher, Jason Motte. The Cardinals’ winning pitcher was Edward Mujica and the losing pitcher for the Giants was Madison Bumgarner. The game went to the Cardinals, starting the series record at 0-1.

Game two went to the Giants where the score was 7-1. The winning pitcher for the Giants was Ryan Vogelson, and the losing pitcher was the ace for the Cardinals, Chris Carpenter.  The Giant’s win evened the record at 1-1.

Game three went to the Cardinals with a score of 3-1. The winning pitcher was the Cardinals’ Kyle Lohse and the losing pitcher was Giant’s pitcher Matt Cain.  The save went to Jason Motte which was his second save against the Giants, leaving the series record at 1-2.

Game four went to the Cardinals with the score 8-3. The winning pitcher was Adam Wainwright and the losing pitcher was the Giants’ ace Tim Lincecum. (1-3).

People thought the series was going to be over, with the Cardinals only needing one more win to send themselves to the World Series and face the Detroit Tigers.

In a surprising turn of events, during the NLCS both aces of the Cardinals and the Giants lost their games. This offered some drama and suspense for baseball fans, since ace pitchers are supposed to be superior weapons for their teams.

Things started to change in game five when the Giants slaughtered the Cardinals 5-0. The winning pitcher was Barry Zito and the losing pitcher was Lance Lynn. The series was now at 2-3.

In game six the Giants won again 6-1. Ryan Vogelson (2-0) won his second game of the NLCS. The losing pitcher went to the Cardinals’ ace pitcher Chris Carpenter (0-2). The giants had tied the series at 3-3 and forced a high-stakes game seven.

The NLCS came down to the final game:  which team was going to make it to the World Series? After their rough start, would the Giants be able to prevail like the Boston Red Sox did in 2006? Or would the Cardinals emerge victorious since they already beat out the Washington Nationals, who were the number one team in the National League going into the playoffs.

Game seven went to the Giants who slaughtered the Cardinals 9-0. Yes, slaughtered, 9-0. The winning pitcher was Matt Cain (1-1) and the losing pitcher was Kyle Lohse (1-1), making Matt Cain the MVP for game seven and crowning the Giants the champions of the National League with a 4-3 series spread over the Cardinals. Now the Giants and the Detroit Tigers battle for the World Series Crown.