SGA Town Hall Platform for Admin


Dan Maurer, News Editor

The NEIU’s Student Government Association (SGA) held a town hall meeting with little participation from its student members. The vast majority of the meeting was given over to presentations by a number of university administrators.

SGA opened the meeting with brief introductions, immediately followed by an impromptu vote on having active shooter drills at NEIU, in the wake of the Michigan State shooting. The vote was conducted as a poll of those who were then present in the Alumni Hall. It passed with only one vote against it and one abstention.

After the vote, SGA gave the microphone over to NEIU President Gloria J. Gibson, and a line-up of other members of the administration to showcase the services of their departments. SGA representatives gave no presentations of their own for the rest of the meeting.

No questions were taken until the end of the presentations. The time for questions was limited. SGA said that questions that were not answered during the meeting would be answered in a targeted announcement email. Edwin Medina, the president of the SGA, said that email would go out in “two weeks, at most.” It has been over one month since the Feb. 21, 2023 meeting, and the promised targeted announcement was sent to registered students on the morning of March 28.