And the Results Are in! Midterm Election Results 2022

Angie Ybarra, Writer

Here we are, ushering in the New Year 2023, and until recently we were, and in some cases still are, waiting on the results of the midterm elections that took place on Nov. 8, 2022. The face of the nation was projected to be hit by a “Red Wave,” but Republicans narrowly took the House while the Democrats outperformed in many states.


These midterm elections made one thing crystal clear; the citizens of America expect those in power to do what is in their best interest, and if they can not do that then they will be voted out of office. People are standing up and speaking out, the expectation is that their state’s representatives advocate for what the people of their state believe in and want. A light is being shone on the wrongdoings, shortcomings, and back alley deals, and it’s all being called out. If anything, these midterm elections united the majority of American citizens and called for a return to civility toward one another. Gone are the days when the saying “boys will be boys” will provide an excuse for poor behavior, or so it seems. I caution you, the reader, to not allow complacency to overtake you, as it will allow the United States to fall further down a rabbit hole, and returning could be impossible.


The results of the midterms brought to the attention of many the need to exercise their right to vote, as well as educate themselves on the mechanics of just how our government is run. Not since the ’70s has voter turnout between those aged 18 to 29 years old been so high, out of Florida, a firmly established Red state comes the first GenZ elected official, who is a Democrat, 25 years of age, and whose main platform is stricter gun control. While the Republicans saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former White House Press Secretary under President Trump’s administration win the governorship of Arkansas. In fact, this election opened the door for many firsts, the first black Governor of Maryland, the first woman who is part of the LGTBQIA+ community to be governor of Massachusetts and as of the writing of this story, we see the Republicans struggle to elect the Speaker of the House which, has not happened since 1932.  Fifteen votes later and many concessions Kevin McCarthy finally assumed the role of Speaker of the House.


NEIU, please note that the Department of Political Science held a virtual roundtable on the US midterm elections back in November 2022. Associate Professor of Political Science, Dr. William Adler, and Professor of Political Science, Dr. Ellen Cannon provided critical insights into the midterm elections. I urge the NEIU community to stay ever vigilant in the pursuit of knowledge with regards to the governing of our country so that we might be able to aspire to greatness but not without taking into account all of our citizens, regardless of race, sexual preference, age, ability, and diversity is truly respected. Inclusivity should be the norm and not a pleasant surprise. As we reflect on what has transpired in our nation, and we come to terms with the overall state of our country, there exists a rare opportunity for the average citizen to experience politics by actively participating in the voting process, as well as educating themselves on the processes of our government, allowing for one that truly represents the democracy we aspire to maintain.