Should President Biden Resign Over the Classified Documents Scandal?

Scott Andrews, Writer

If President Trump is to be prosecuted for his crimes, I believe President Biden should consider resignation for the strength of our democracy to survive. President Trump’s alleged crimes against our nation are a far greater danger to our national security. He tried at every angle of the investigation to obstruct justice, whether it be hiding behind his lawyers and the courts, not notifying the National Archives and Records Administration promptly or at all, and the sheer volume of classified documents taken to his private residence Mar-a-Largo, a large estate compared to President Biden’s home in Delaware and office in Washington D.C.


Our society is based on law and order. We have laws in place to protect our national security, our country’s most sensitive secrets, and ourselves. When someone violates a law, due to negligence or stupidity, there must be consequences. Ignorance of breaking the law is no excuse.


While there is a difference and contrast between what President Biden is accused of and that of former President Trump, the fundamental laws and procedures to protect classified documents from interception by hostile actors, foreign and domestic, are paramount.


President Biden is a seasoned politician. He rose up the ranks in the United States Senate.  President Barack Obama chose him as his vice president. A majority of Americans agreed he could make a great president. However, his tenure has been riddled with scandals such as the unfolding southern border crisis, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lagging war in Ukraine, and the chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. No president is immune to controversy, especially in today’s political polarization within our great nation.


I do not believe President Biden acted intentionally to potentially expose our nation’s classified and closely guarded secrets. His staff immediately notified the Department of Justice and National Archives and Records Administration once the classified documents were discovered. He is not trying to hide his mistake and has claimed responsibility publically. President Biden may be ignorant, or his staff careless. However, he is the sitting president and Commander in Chief with full acting authority. As the saying goes, “The buck stops here.”


Suppose we, as a society, are to survive and continue to be a country where laws are respected; those that violate a law or procedure need to be held accountable. That includes both President Biden, President Trump and any former or future presidents, since their actions can endanger our national security.