Update: Campus Pool


Michael Hale, writer

        The reopening of the NEIU’s campus  pool will not be anytime in the near future. Through talking to Dr. Terry Mena, Vice President and Dean of Students for Student Affairs, and students around campus there are still many problems that need to be addressed in order to reopen the pool.

In an interview with Javonti Mordican, a Communication, Media and Theatre major at NEIU, he said Dr. Mena told him that “there is much work that needs to be done such as the filters need changing, the bottom of the pool needs to be redone, etc.” 

This is unfortunate because the buzz around campus seems to be that students want the pool open and as soon as possible, with some students even being disappointed. At NEIU a huge chunk of the student body is transfer students, with that being said, it is unfortunate that most likely these students will not be able to use the campus pool in their time here at NEIU.

Hopefully an overall emphasis on addressing the pool’s safety issues and getting it back open will be in the near future, as so many students desire.