Klaudia Biskup: Artist Of The Week


Savannah Owens, Production Manager

What’s your background and how do you think it has affected your work?


I was born and raised in Poland. At 18, I moved to Chicago with my family. Since childhood, I have been interested in art, fashion, and architecture. My country, culture, and people have certainly influenced who I am and what I do. I present myself, my experiences, feelings, and thoughts in my art.


What type of art do you create and what motivates you to make it? 


I am a graphic design student. I’m very interested in design, creating layouts, and typography. I believe that the future is a new developing technology. It’s not just about operating and designing; it is about high creativity, the process of critical thinking, and creating visualizations. Apart from that, I also like manual activities like printmaking and painting. It is an opportunity for me to express my thoughts and feelings. It gives me the greatest pleasure. I am mo

What’s the purpose or goal of your work?


I think the purpose of the work is to carry a message. I want people who view my work to be able to relate to it and see themselves in it. I want to communicate and connect with people. I think this is how we c


tivated by the possibility of creating something that matters and expressing myself. It is also a process of learning and discovering something new within yourself.

reate unity.

Who are your biggest influences? 


My biggest influences are the people and experiences in my life. Family, friends, and professors allow me to develop as an artist and designer.


Where do you find inspiration?


I find inspiration in everyday life, nature, the world’s beauty, and spirituality. When I need motivation, I usually walk in the park and let my thoughts run through my head. 


How do you define success as an artist? 


Success means that I used all my possibilities and pushed my limits to create a given work of art. I always combine hard work with talent and passion, so I know I have done my best. 


How do you market yourself and your work? 


I use social media and a website as a portfolio to promote my work. Self-Promotion and marketing work is essential, and that’s something I want to work on more. In addition, I want my work to be authentic and to work with people who share the same views.


What do you believe is the role of an artist in society? 


The artist’s role in society is to express feelings, personalities, and thoughts. I think it allows you to connect people with similar experiences, which makes people happy and inspires and helps them make new friends. So art certainly brings people together.

If you could give one piece of advice to another artist trying to navigate their way in the artworld, what would it be?


Always be yourself. I think that each of us has something special about us, our experiences that are always worth showing. Sometimes you must push yourself and discover something new that can be a source of inspiration.

What are your handles, or contact information so people can check out your work?


I have my website where most of my work is located on my website https://www.klaudiabiskup.com/ and through my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/klaudiartbiskup/