Is it Her Fault? Counselor Fired For Controversial Book

Lina David, Staff Writer

Image courtesy of AuthorHouse


Bryan Craig, a 33-year-old guidance counselor and girls’ basketball coach at the south suburban Rich Central High School, was put on administrative leave after the publication of his book, It’s Her Fault. The book is of the self-help genre and is intended to help women achieve the upper hand in their relationships with men. Craig, who has mentored more than 200 teenage girls at the high school, stated that he was tired of hearing women complain about men and wanted to provide a “roadmap” to men and relationships. The book encourages women to be submissive, states that strippers are empowered through their dominance of men, and goes into graphic detail on the sexual organs of different races of women.
Commenting on the decision to fire Craig, board president of The Rich Township High School District 227, Betty Owens stated, “Craig’s conduct in this matter fell far short of our expectations and evoked outrage for me, members of this board and many others in our district who have come to expect the highest level of professionalism and sound judgment from the people they entrust with their children each day.”
Owens also stated that, after the publication of the book, parents from the district called to complain about Craig. Furthermore, the school board stated that Craig’s book, “showed a lack of good judgment and professionalism.”
In rebuttal, Craig has filed a $1 million federal lawsuit against the school district, Owens, and the superintendent, Donna Leak, for wrongful termination, claiming that his free speech rights were violated. Craig’s attorney, Stephen L. Richards made the following comments, “He has not committed a dischargeable offense. We don’t believe he’s violated the school rules. His publication of the book was an exercise of his First Amendment rights.”
In the interest of letting the book speak for itself, “In some cases, strippers and dancers show the overall dominance a woman can have over a man,” Craig’s book states. “Not to say that stripping is what has to be done to truly establish dominance, but these women’s mind set is in the right place in order to meet the true potential of the point of this book.”
Craig also encourages women to be submissive in their relationships with men, “Let’s enter the wonderful world of submissiveness. Yeah I know ladies, you all hate that s—. However, it must be in place in order for us to feel some type of power…he’s your man, go ahead and let him turn you every which way, let him touch your hair if he asks, real or not. Give him oral sex without making the ‘ugh’ face. You submitting to your man can do a world of good. He won’t need to find a dip, he won’t feel the need to resent you, and he won’t feel the need to tell his friends your business.”
It’s Her Faultwas self-published and can be purchased on the Amazonwebsite.