Sandman Review


Bella Cardoza, writer

Are you in the mood for something creepy this coming Halloween season? Well look no further, because you can always check out Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” on Netflix.

What I like most about “Sandman” is that not only is the cinematography great, but the cast is also very diverse as well. From non-binary actor Mason Alexander Park who plays the wicked and sensual desire, to actresses like Kirby Howell Baptiste, Vivienne Archeampong and Sandra James-Young who play Death, Lucienne and Unity Kincaid, respectively. On top of the cinematography, the show even recreates some scenes from the comic book like Dream meeting Hob Gadling in 1689, to Dream and Death talking in a park on a bench in present day London while she listens to her older brother mope about life. Neil Gaiman knew what he was doing when he had these scenes be recreated for the episodes.

When you watch “Sandman,” you are not only going to be amazed at Tom Sturridge playing the main character Dream, you will also love that the rest of the actors are part of an ensemble cast which makes the show even better. From Patton Oswalt as Matthew the Raven, to Mark Hamill as Mervyn Pumpkinhead, to Jenna Coleman as the charismatic and charming Johanna Constantine, and even Broadway legend himself, John Cameron Mitchell as aspiring Broadway star and drag queen, Hal Carter. 

Since “Sandman’s” summer release on August 5th, everyone should give it a chance. Whether they have read the comic or not, they will be very surprised by not only how diverse the show is, but the amazing all star ensemble cast who work together as characters encountering the paranormal and supernatural in different dimensions as they hunt down different creatures.