Hispanic Heritage Month in Chicago Will Show Diversity of Spanish Speaking Culture

Angie Ybarra, Writer

Hispanic Heritage Month is held yearly from Sept. 15 – Oct. 15. When most people think of Hispanic Heritage Month they tend to think of celebrations with drinking, music, lively decorations, and of course lots of food. Hispanic Heritage is a celebration that encompasses many different Hispanic cultures’ traditions and holidays. The NEIU community itself is just one example of just how diverse the Latino community is. It may be that you are unfamiliar with all the countries considered Hispanic/Latinx but here is a listed:


Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Columbia, El Salvador, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Venezuela, Panama, Equatorial Guinea, and Ecuador represents the diversity of the population that is considered Hispanic. We needed at least a month to celebrate the richness of the Hispanic culture.


In 1968 President Lyndon Johnson established Hispanic Heritage Week, and it was not until some 20 years later that, in 1988, President Ronald Regan expanded the observance to 30 days and established Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic culture is rich in our love of family, and traditions, and during these thirty days paying respect to our ancestral land is celebrated.  


So no matter the Hispanic heritage you are from or whether or not you consider yourself part of the community based solely on your allegiance to our cultures and traditions, take some time to help celebrate this very special and vibrant community by doing some of the following: 


  • Cook a traditional Hispanic meal
  • Create a Hispanic playlist
  • Recreate a piece of art from a favorite artist
  • Catch up on your reading by a Hispanic author


Several events that are taking place throughout the Chicagoland area in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month:  


Naperville Hispanic Heritage Festival, Saturday, 9/17, 5 pm – 9 pm 

Central Park 

104 East Benton Ave.

Naperville, IL 60540


Tacos & Trivia Tuesdays

3$ Tacos 


3101 N Sheffield Ave 

Chicago, IL 60657


Telemundo Chicago 2022 ExpoVision Latina, Thursday, 9/29, 6 pm – 9 pm


702 W Fulton Market 

Chicago, IL 60661


Mercado de Colores

Saturdays, until 10/1,  11 am – 3 pm 

4345 W 26th St.

Chicago, IL 60623


The listed events are just a sample of what is on tap in Chicago and the surrounding area to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month so be sure to check them out, as well as the events that are sure to happen here at NEIU information to come soon.