NEIU’s Cross Club Classic 2012

Sam Aguirre, Contributing Writer

photo by Samira Savani


The first annual NEIU Cross Club Classic was held this past Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. was born in the Honors Society when the current president, Ashley Beyer, proposed a flag-football tournament that would allow different clubs and organizations from Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) to face each other. Registration for NEIU’s Cross Club Classic officially opened on July 10, 2012 with an ice cream social that served as an information session where NEIU students learned details about the Cross Club Classic and the fun that was to come.

Participating organizations had to pay a fifty dollar fee. Twenty percent of the fee was put aside for a scholarship being developed with help of the Student Government Association. The remaining 80 percent was placed into a pool for the top three organizations in the Dodge-ball tournament.

The air was thick with tension during the Cross Club Classic’s Uno Tournament.Four players at each of five tables fought for one of five finalists’ seats and the chance to contend for the championship. The players in the final round competed in near silence. Cathie Anderson made her final discard and became the first Cross Club Classic Uno Tournament Champion, winning a gift certificate, generously donated by Beck’s Books.

The Dodge-ball tournament had teams representing nine different organizations face each other in a pyramid-style competition. After a few rounds, Omega Delta and the Earth Science Club faced one another in the final game. Omega Delta triumphed as the Grand Champion of the Cross Club Classic’s Dodge-ball tournament. The Earth Science Club received second place and the third spot was claimed by a group made up of members from the Student Government Association and the Veteran’s Club.

After the lunch break, eight teams of five faced each other in a Four-Way Tug-of-War competition. In the first round, the SGA/Veteran’s Club and LGBTQA teams beat out the other two teams, moving on to the final. During the second round, Omega Delta and the Earth Science Teams were once again in the finals. The top four groups then faced each other in the final Tug-of-War game. All of the players were tired and most of their energy had been drained during the first round of the competition, but no one was about to give in. Finally, the Earth Science Club earned the title of Champion of the Four-Way Tug-of-War Competition.

Apart from the three major competitions of the day, there were numerous other activities for students to enjoy. There was an obstacle course in the University Commons, inflatable jousting, a dunk tank and a couple of beanbag toss games. The dunk tank, sponsored by the NEIU Alumni Association (NEIUAA) caused quite a stir among the attendees of the Cross Club Classic.  Melissa Thompson from the NEIUAA whipped participants into a flurry and raised almost $100. Cathie Anderson, President of Alpha Chi was the first victim to get dunked. She was soon followed by Ashley Beyer, President of Honors Society; Diana Perez, President of SGA; and Al Cordero, Student Union Events Manager. Later in the day, Dr. Jin Kim of the Social Work Department was dunked by students. Towards the conclusion of the day, three other students took on the role of representing the student body and fearlessly sat in the dunk tank.

The inflatable obstacle course, sponsored by the Veteran’s Club, was also a big attraction. Students were eager to get on the obstacle course and race their friends to the finish line. Climbing the wall seemed to be the major energy drainer for participants, but it led to a smooth slide down to the conclusion of the obstacle course.

The Inflatable Jousting Arena sponsored by Omega Delta was the big attention grabber of the smaller games. Students jousted one another with padded sticks, and  the strongest and most balanced people remained unbeaten. Monica Ochoa, member of the Northeastern Programming Board, proved herself to be the ultimate champion of jousting with a record of no loses for fifteen consecutive rounds.

Aside from the games, the NEIU Golden Eaglettes performed twice for students, and really showed off their skills. They will be performing again at the upcoming Student Talent Show later this semester.
The day came to a close with the Awards Ceremony around 4 p.m.
The Earth Science Club was presented with an award certificate and various gift certificates to venues around the city for their triumph in the Four-Way Tug-of-War Competition. The Grand Prize Winners of the Dodge-ball tournament and first place champion of the Cross Club Classic 2012, Omega Delta, was awarded $180, while the Second and Third place winners, the Earth Science Club and the SGA/Veteran’s Club were awarded $108 and $72 respectively. Each of the winning organizations received a certificate for their accomplishments during the First Annual Cross Club Classic, and the money will be sent directly to the charity organization of their choice.

With the participation of student clubs/organizations, faculty, staff and alumni, the Cross Club Classic 2012 made history at Northeastern Illinois University.