Candyman (1992) review

Leslie Lozada, Editor in Chief

“Candyman” is a 1992 classic of a film. This film, about the mythological figure called Candyman, centers on Helen as she is writing a thesis at her university about the residents of Cabrini-Green, a real-life area in Chicago, where most hold Candyman with great fear. Helen, who thought nothing of it at the time, called upon Candyman five times while looking at a mirror. This chant invokes his presence and establishes a connection between the two. It also comes with tragic consequences to the people in her life.


With Tony Todd as the title character, Candyman is a powerful menace throughout the film.  He is at his most powerful when people hear of his tale. How he became that menace was through an unforgivable act by others.  


All of the effects in the film are practical, including a certain scene near the climax that involves bees in places where they shouldn’t be. 


Since this is a horror film, and it’s rated R, there are a few things to watch out for: violence, misuse of bees, a fair amount of psychological horror, with Helen losing her sense of reality as the film progresses. 


Check this film out; it is really worth your time. “Candyman” can be found on Tubi, as well as other sites where it can be rented or purchased.