The Wormhole

Jon-Paul Kreatsoulas, Staff Writer


‘80’s pop culture memorabilia can be seen throughout the Wormhole.
photo by Jon-Paul Kreatsoulas
A replica of the Dolorian from Back to the Future sits near patrons.







When approaching the Wormhole on 1462 N. Milwaukee Ave. in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, one need not worry about dirtying clothes or breaking any limbs once falling in. Upon entry, customers will literally become younger as their eyes gaze upon the numerous pop culture remnants of the 1970’s and 80’s. Countless artifacts draw the eye and embolden the mind from the Spielberg and Lucas era of filmmaking. Scantily clad Princess Leia action figures strewn about the establishment evoke every Star Wars fan’s secret crush, and Doc Brown’s DeLorean takes visitors “back to the future” while remaining comfortably parked inside. After the visual geekfeast wears off, then one remembers they came into the Wormhole because the word is they serve a good cup of coffee.

Aside from a shop of nostalgia, the Wormhole is ultimately a cafe that offers everything from a standard cup of black coffee to the most intricately flavor-infused hot beverages that can be constructed from a latte or an espresso base. There is also a wonderful array of hot brewed teas available upon request from the Wormhole’s extensive list. If customers are looking for something more than drinks to sip on while grieving over homework, freshly baked delectable edibles are on the menu as well. Speaking of homework, the Wormhole is an ideal place to do some as it has free WiFi and an abundance of power outlets.

The Wormhole is also the perfect place to finish a screenplay, curl up with a book on couches with cushions to literally sink into, play “Duck Hunt” and “Super Mario Brothers” on the original Nintendo while enjoying a steamy cup of goodness, or just sit and marvel at the vintage Ghostbusters and The Goonies posters. The collection of dated cartoon character-themed tin lunchboxes is impressive as well. Racking up a respectable bill of $5-$10 per person is well worth the wait in line at the Wormhole because you’re paying for an experience that is more than just being handed a cup of coffee over a counter in exchange for cash. The coffee chemists at the Wormhole exact precision and care with every cup that is created. A trip down the Wormhole is a true adventure.