President’s Pen – Honors Society



Samuel Aguirre

Kelly Webb

Samira Savani

Ashley Beyer – President
My name is Ashley Beyer and I am the President of the Honors Society. I became involved with the Honors Society because of my involvement with the University’s Honors Program. Before becoming a member, I didn’t know anyone here at school. Being a part of the Honors Society allowed me to become involved and connected on campus. As President, the challenges and obstacles I have faced are far outweighed by the many rewards that come along with seeing your ideas come to fruition.
The Honors Society has co-sponsored many events with other clubs in the past such as Future Health Professionals, French club and Psychology club. We volunteer on campus with the Child Care Center and off campus at Northpark Senior Center. Volunteering in and around school has been truly rewarding,
I am in the Nontraditional Degree Program here at NEIU which I love! I also have a double minor in Linguistics and TESL. I am also an in-home volunteer ESL tutor through World Relief Chicago. The Honors Society allowed me to meet new people and become very involved on campus. Being a part of the Honors Society opened up many doors for me socially and academically. I look forward to rest of this semester as we host many more events.

Samuel Aguirre – Vice President
As the Vice-President of Honors Society, one of my main goals is to increase the quality of student life at NEIU through my involvement in various areas of the university. I hope to increase student participation in our NEIU community and my position in Honors Society provides me with the opportunity to interact with other organizations both on and off campus.
I was elected Vice-President in the spring of 2012. After witnessing various leadership approaches by numerous past presidents of the Honors Society, I believe that our current officers are creating positive change and embracing the spirit of NEIU.
In my academic life, I am pursuing a double major in Bilingual/Bicultural Elementary Education and several middle school endorsements. I make my education my priority, and I continue to succeed in all my classes. When it comes to my work, I am currently an Intern in the Student Leadership Development Office (SLD). I am growing in my position by learning about the many opportunities that the university offers for all of our students.

Kelly Webb – Honors Society Treasurer
As Treasurer of the Honors Society, I am involved with many steps of event planning. Some of my talents are networking, event planning, and advertising. These are just a few of my many tasks and accomplishments with Honors Society. I am a senior here at NEIU and enrolled as a Social Work major and minor in Sociology. My other extracurricular activities include being a Senator in the Student Government Association (SGA). I am also proud to be a part of the McNair Scholars Program.

Samira Savani – Honors Society Secretary
My name is Samira Savani and I am the Secretary of the Honors Society. I am an Accounting major and I am planning on doing my Masters and CPA in near future. I joined Honors Society during my first semester in Fall of 2010, and I have been part of it ever since. It feels like each and every member of the Honors Society is a family member because I am so connected to everyone. I am also involved in many other clubs. I am a President of the ISA (Indian Student Association), and I am also involved in SGA (Student Government Association). During my journey with the Honors Society, I have met many amazing people with different backgrounds, which helped me learn to communicate with people and become more social and I love it. Moreover, it has also helped me to become a better and a successful person in my academic career. I will continue to be part of Honors Society till I graduate next year.