Orga Café and Tea

Lina D. and Christos Liardakis

courtesy Google Images


From the exterior, Orga Café is reminiscent of those street-side pizza joints that the quintessential teenager and all of her gum-popping friends hang out in. Though the ‘N Sync trading cards and girls that yell for ketchup were absent, it was an oddly pleasant environment. The food was not terribly priced and came to an average of about $9 per person and about $2 for iced tea. Besides offering Middle Eastern cuisine (falafel and shawarma abound) Orga’s menu also offered some fast food classics such as hot dogs, fries and burgers. To begin with, Orga Tea lived up to its name. The tea was actually quite good. There were a variety of flavors to choose from with the basic white, green, black teas and a few fruity things added into the mix, including a tea made from rose hips. The food, however, could not boast the same claim. The meat was over- spiced; the falafel was just okay and the hummus and eggplant dip were both disappointing. The salad was actually pretty decent. Most unsettling, was the small strand of hair found in the rice. While the rice was a pretty sunny yellow color, the hair raised hygiene questions. Still, if students want convenience, it is close to campus and is a decent alternative to Lean Cuisine.
Orga is located on the corner of Bryn Mawr and Kimball.