Hello NEIU Students and faculty!

Hello NEIU Students and faculty!


courtesy of ISA

Welcome back to yet another great, fun-filled Fall Semester! The Indian Students Association (ISA) at NEIU is active again this year and we want to welcome you all to our club. ISA aims to unite students of all backgrounds who share common interest in Indian history and culture. ISA is back with great initiative taken by Samira Savani as president, Jayati Gohel and Chandrakant Lunagariya as vice-presidents, Indira Bambur as treasurer, and Fajila Tailor as secretary.

We would like to extend our association to any student that wants to experience the Culture of India. Our goal is to educate the general student body and to raise awareness of Indian culture and promote its understanding and appreciation through periodic bake sales, regular Indian film screenings, Henna painting booths, and occasional campus-wide events like Garba (traditional dance) Night, our annual Diwali show, and much more.

Please save the following dates: October 12th for Garba Night and November 2nd for Diwali Show. If you are interested in performing or hosting the show, please let us know. We are constantly recruiting new members that want to savor the Indian traditions. To join our organizations please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or join our group on facebook. JAI HIND!