REPORT: Bears quietly interested in disgruntled quarterback


Matthew Rago, Editor-in-Chief

A Thursday morning tweet by Las Vegas Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr set off a social media firestorm.

The photo, which shows Carr embracing current Chicago Bears and former Raiders’ outside linebacker Khalil Mack, was posted almost immediately after trade rumors surrounding Carr surfaced. 

The timing of Carr’s tweet is what makes the photo so intriguing. With the NFL offseason less than a month away, rumors have been running rampant. But according to NFL insider Benjamin Allbright, the speculation holds weight.

Allbright, who primarily covers the Denver Broncos, said via Twitter that the Bears intend on providing Trubisky the chance to reemerge as a franchise cornerstone. However, similar to the situation Tennessee Titan’ quarterback Marcus Mariota found himself in last season, the Bears intend to concurrently explore quarterback options while moving forward with Trubisky.

Allbright wrote, “Bears are quietly looking at QB options. Trubisky will still get the shot to be the guy, but much like Titans/Mariota last year, the leash is short. They’d prefer vet ready-to-play, options. If Raiders were to move on from Carr ($21.5m cap hit vs $7.9 dead) they’d be interested.”

Perhaps ominous foreshadowing for Trubisky, Mariota was replaced midseason by veteran quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who led the Titans to the AFC Championship Game before falling to the eventual Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Derek Carr to the Bears makes a ton of sense. While Carr isn’t elite, he is only 29 years olds with an incredibly strong arm, perfect to combat the inclement Chicago weather. Last season, he finished eighth in the NFL in total passing yards (4,054) with a 70.4% completion percentage. Furthermore, he’s playing on a team-friendly deal that runs until 2022.

However, there are still quite a few factors at work before Bears fans should consider Carr as a serious candidate to replace Trubisky. 

First, though the prevailing narrative contends Trubisky was simply overmatched by the speed of the NFL, the Bears need to assess what factors contributed to Trubisky’s regression.  Lingering injuries, inadequate protection and paltry production from the tight end position all cast doubt on whether the Bears’ front office and coaching staff positioned Trubisky to win. 

Second, it’s unknown whether or not the Raiders actually intend on moving Carr. PFT Overtime host and former NFL quarterback Chris Simms describes Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden as a “quarterback hoarder” who’s never happy with quarterback play save for exceptional circumstances. According to Simms, it’s difficult to get a read on Carr’s standing with Gruden.

Finally, what would the Bears be willing to forfeit in order to acquire Carr? Is his production worth a second-round pick for a team that has been grossly irresponsible with their high-round picks? If not, could they acquire comparable quarterback play–Teddy Bridgewater, Andy Dalton and even Tom Brady have all been linked to the Bears this offseason–or are they content exploring cheaper routes absent of a definitive decision on Trubisky.

The Bears have been mired in quarterback purgatory for a majority of their existence. While Carr might be the most expensive option from a compensation standpoint, perhaps the certainty of reliable quarterback play is seductive enough for the notoriously trigger-happy Ryan Pace to make a move.