Eagle Eye Advice: Timely Advice for Real Problems

By Lakeesha J. Harris, Senior Staff Writer

Updated: Friday, January 27, 2012 00:01


Photo by Janean Watkins

You know how you’ve been dying for an answer to that question that you just can’t seem to find anyone to answer in a no-holds-barred kind of way? You know – the one that’s been eating at your gut and keeping you up at night when you so desperately need to sleep for your morning class, or worse, your final exam. Well look no more! Independent is proud to welcome its new advice column, where students can ask genuine questions, and expect answers that “keep it real”. When the “Ask Me” campaign just won’t do the trick, Independent gets to the meat of the situation.

To submit your questions for advice that’s tried and true – email your questions to: [email protected] You can remain anonymous, or leave a name. Make sure to include your year in school.


Q. It’s the beginning of the semester, I’m already sinking under the pressure of my classes and job, how do I cope? – Anonymous, Sophomore

A. Dear Anon-Sophomore,

First let me applaud you for reaching out. Quite often students are overwhelmed with the thought of entering a new semester with new classes, financial aid lines, and of course – lack of sleep. If you’re a student leader many of us get swamped under the pressure of trying to tackle so many tasks with so little time. I’m going to give you some great advice that someone once told me, which I try to employ quite often these days, JUST SAY NO! Though this phrase didn’t work for the anti-drug campaign of the Regan years, it can work wonders when trying to prioritize your life. When you work towards prioritizing what you need to do, and work from there, it can take an immense weight off of your shoulders.

Then next thing I want you to do is write it all down. With technology booming in our lives we often plug important dates into our electronic gadgets and go. However, I find when I write it all down in a day planner and actually look at how busy my week is; I’m much more inclined to decline offers of a beer run or hanging out on Facebook to chat.

Finally, did you know that, according to the NEIU Student Life’s website, Northeastern offers a “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workshop” offered by the Counseling Office? Dates and times vary but it might benefit you to contact their offices in room D-024 or by calling 773-442-4650. I do hope all of this information helps, and good luck on your new semester. Believe me; it does get better as time goes on.


Q. How can I get my partner to reciprocate oral sex? – Anonymous, Senior

A. Dear, Anon-Senior,

Sex, oral or otherwise, is about trust and consent between all parties involved. With that said, you can’t really “get your partner to do anything” that she/he doesn’t want to do. However, I think that it’s in the best interest of both of you to have a conversation about your likes and dislikes in the bedroom – this will most likely increase your intimate standing in your partner’s eyes and intensify your chances of having that oral pleasure you so desperately desire.

One way to get the conversation started is by visiting the doctor together. A happy sex life starts as a healthy sex life. When both of you know that the coast is clear and that you both are free of any Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) you may feel a little bit better in forging ahead with oral sexual gratification. Did you know that NEIU offers an array of free health services to the student body? The Health Services Office is located in room E-050, and their office can be contacted by calling 773-442-5800.

After stopping by the Health Services office, you might want to make your way over to the Feminist Collective for their “Sex Is Good Workshop” on Thursday, Feb 23rd 2012. Early to Bed owner and sex blogger Searah Deysach gave a great presentation last year, and it is sure to educate and pique your interest. You and your partner can feel free to ask pertinent questions in a safe and affirming environment. Here’s to you both getting what you want and need.