Halloween Hang-Out


A look inside the spooky festivities. | Photo by: Ana Peres Bogo

Ana Peres Bogo, Writer

The Pedroso Center had a Halloween hang-Oout so that students would be able to celebrate the holiday inside the school. Due to the weather, this was a very interesting and fun option. The event had food, a screening of the movie “Scream,” creative activities and even a costume contest. 

The center was completely taken over by Halloween. Spider webs, pumpkins, monsters, even the decapitated head of the university’s mascot, these were only a few things that implemented the scary feeling that we all love. In the center of the room, you could sit and decorate mini pumpkins with paint and glitter and glue eyes on them. If you did not want to do that, there were cookies that could also be decorated. 

As always, when the Pedroso Center has an event, amazing food is involved. There were options for all preferences, spicy Buffalo wings as well as regular ones, tortillas, meatballs and a few more vegetarian options. Everything revolved around the holiday, even the name of the foods; the meatballs were called “Michael Meyer’s eyes.” Of course, that was not all; there was a lot of candy spread through the Center, from Reese’s to Jolly Ranchers, everyone could have a taste of their favorites. 

There were a lot of people in costume, and that was due to the fact that there was a costume contest. Spider-Man, M&M´s, Samantha Manson, Michael Jackson, Woody and Kiki were only a few options in the very diverse group. The students who did not participate voted by means of shouting and clapping who would be the winner. In third place was Sweeney Todd, second was an alternative universe Poison Ivy and first place went to a psych ward patient.  

If you weren’t wearing a costume, there were a few options to take photos with, and an Instagram frame was also available, although taking the picture may have come with a few scares. There was a big chance that Michael Meyers could photobomb your picture, scaring you in the process, obviously. 

Overall, it was a very fun event that had a strong Halloween feeling to it. From the candy to the movie, everything surrounding the students screamed of Halloween, a very good alternative to go trick or treating in the freezing snow. As always, the Pedroso Center did not lack in any aspect, continuing their ongoing productions of amazing events.