Man vs. Technology

Eric Bryant

Remember the good old days when people used to communicate with actual people? Well those days are gone! We now live in the age of information, technological advancements are being made at the speed of light, and the more we advance in technology, the more ignorant we become and the more separated we become as  people.
I can remember as a child, getting on the King Drive bus and hearing all kinds of conversations; elderly women talking to younger women about TV shows, fashion, men, and motherhood, elderly men talking to younger men about sports, women, and manhood. These days we are all off into our gadgets. Next time you get on public transportation, or in a public place such as a bus, restaurant, social gathering, or elevator, pay attention to the heads of other’s, as they lay plowed down into their devices.  Observe the proximity of personal space increase, as people refuse to move their bags from seats on a crowded bus. Due to the breaking news delivered to their gadgets by mass media. The fear of outbreaks of highly contagious diseases such as Swine flu, Mad Cow, HIV/AIDS, herpes, the common cold, whooping cough and many others, convince people to stay away from other people. Anti-bacterial soap and gel can be found in the lobby of all major office buildings, due to the fear of the aforementioned. True enough as these things do exist, but the manner in which it is delivered to the people can be modified, so that the people seek understanding about these issues rather than seclusion.
I’m a firm believer that technology is the biggest threat to the people of America, and people all over the world, not the dangerous terrorists mentioned on the ten o’clock news tonight. The more we rely on our smart phones, laptops, iPads and tablets, to teach, inspire and motivate us, the more de-sensitized we will become. These are sad, sorrowful times in which we exist today, where violence, hate and crime fuel the fantasies of the young. Social networks that are banking on the peoples ability to exercise their constitutional rights (freedom of speech) is allowing people to openly hate and discriminate against others on sites such as World Star Hip Hop, Facebook and YouTube. If you take a look at the videos that have the most views, you will notice that they all have the same elements, drugs, sex, crime, and violence. Even the online gaming community is not exempt from the hatred expressed by racist people hiding behind gamer tags. These sites could be put to good use and utilized to educate people on a very diverse group of topics, but the masses choose to use these networks for negative purposes, due to the inability to monitor content, by the companies, and people that develop the sites, on behalf of the Constitution of America. “Land of the Free”
As people, As Americans, we should be on the forefront of progressive, positive sites and public broadcasting that inspire, empower, and motivate. These sites and channels need to consume majority of the sites and channels offered to the public. A accountable, reliable monitoring system needs to be implemented in order to protect the lively hoods and well being of its viewers i.e. you and I.
For the sake of mankind and future generations, make great haste to put forth a heightened effort to disconnect yourself and your loved ones from the technological monopoly before its too late. We all love our TVs and devices but these things are killings us slowly just as the diseases and outbreaks that we make great effort to protect ourselves from. Filter what you put in, and you won’t have to filter what you dish out. Be mindful, and stay conscious…