Intramural Volleyball Tournament

Cassidy Schmidt, Writer

NEIU students of all majors and skill levels took to the courts on Tuesday afternoon to bump, set and spike their way to the final round of a double elimination volleyball tournament. Approximately 40 students divided into eight teams spent activity hour diving across NEIU’s main gym floor for volleyball. 

A total of nine games were played on two courts, refereed by four student officials. Whichever team reached 21 points first would win that game and move forward in the bracket. The losing team would be eliminated. 

The final two teams, Serve-ivors and Kiss my Ace, dueled it out last. The Serve-ivors reigned supreme with a score of 21-15, taking home a prize of t-shirts with the words “The Fresh Champs of NEIU” displayed across the front.

Oscar Coronel, one of the players for the Serve-ivors, is a senior and an Earth science major at NEIU who has been playing intramural volleyball since his freshman year. Coronel said he got involved with intramurals when he first started taking college courses because he did not know anyone and intramurals provided him with a great community of awesome people and great volleyball players.  

Coronel said, “So to me, the community is here at the rec center, as opposed to maybe where other people have clubs or whatever, my community is here playing sports and especially in volleyball.”

Coronel highly recommends getting involved with intramurals. He says the most enjoyable part is getting to meet people from all over the university. He says it’s easy to stay cooped up with a small group of people in your major or building, but joining the very inclusive community of intramural sports really allows one to meet different people from different backgrounds and different majors. 

The best way to get involved with intramural sports is by reaching out to Mig Torres, the Graduate Assistant of Competitive Sports at NEIU. Torres has been trying to expand the operations of the intramural program at NEIU. 

Torres said: “You do not need to have any prior experience in the sport in order to get involved. When you join intramurals you get a good mix of people with and without prior experience, but most people are just out there looking to have a good time.”

Torres agreeD with Coronel saying, “Intramurals are a great way to meet other people around campus.” He also highlightED the fact that it is recommended for people to run around and be active for 15 to 30 minutes a day and by joining intramurals you get 40 to 45 minutes of time to run around. 

Torres said, “It’s a lot of fun. It’s a good way to just be active and meet people.”

NEIU intramurals have two leagues. Right now, they are in the fall league and are about to start the playoffs for a flag football tournament and at the end of Oct. They will be starting a 6-on-6 volleyball league that will go until the end of the fall semester. They also hold many one-day tournaments in sports like table tennis, bags and even the video game Madden. 

Torres tries to organize a couple of tournaments each month, which normally take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays during activity hour, though it may occasionally go longer depending on the number of participants. 

Torres said he is always looking for students to officiate intramural games, as well. He says it’s an easy training process and the experience helps to build communication and leadership skills. Students who get the training can also get paid for officiating games. 

If you are interested in officiating or getting involved with intramurals, contact Mig Torres, the graduate assistant of competitive sports, at [email protected]

NEIU students compete in intramural tournaments
NEIU students compete in intramural tournaments |
Photo by: Cassidy Schmidt