10/22 Police Blotter


The following Incidents occurred on NEIU campus property for the dates of Oct. 4 to Oct. 22


Oct. 4 – BOB

Human resource issue, matter was resolved.

Oct. 7 – Library 

Domestic disturbance referral was recorded.

Oct. 9 – CST

Vehicular vandalism with plant matter.

Oct. 10 – EBL

Property was found.

Oct. 10 – Nest

Noise/tobacco complaint, peace was restored.

Oct. 12 – PE Building

Person sustained injury while playing baseball. They were taken to the hospital by parents.

Oct. 15 – F Lot

Parked car sustained damage.

Oct. 15 – H Building

Employee well-being check was made by NEIUPD.

Oct. 15 – NEIU Campus

Unauthorized furniture movement.

Oct. 15 – CST

Employee well-being check was made by NEIUPD, employee was located.

Oct. 15 – B Building 

Suspicious person was reported; report was taken after the person left the area.

Oct. 15 –NEIU Campus

Unwanted/alarming interaction was had, information was forwarded to Dean’s Office.

Oct. 15 – NEIU PD

Employee well-being check was made by NEIUPD.

Oct. 16– LWH

Suspicious person was interviewed and sent on their way.

Oct. 16 – E Building

Person sustained an injury and declined medical attention.

Oct. 16 – PKO

Human resource issue was reported, case was referred to Ombuds.

Oct. 18 – NEIU Campus

Student well-being check was made by NEIUPD.