NEIU Letters of Leadership: PIN@Y at NEIU

PIN@Y: Filipinos in NEIU is an organization that educates the community on Filipino culture, history, values and tradition.


Pinoy Club

PIN@Y: Filipinos in NEIU is an organization that educates the community on Filipino culture, history, values and tradition. We welcome everyone interested in joining, growing and serving our community.

My name is Angelica Pineda Johnson and I am a co-President of PIN@Y club. I am a senior majoring in Social Work, planning to graduate in May 2020. I plan to get my MSW and work as a School Social Worker. I am passionate in uniting, educating and staying connected to the Filipino American community. 

Hi Independent readers, my name is Aaron Le and I’m also co-President of PIN@Y. I previously served as the Social Media Manager and Treasurer. I’m currently working on finishing my undergrad in General Business Administration.

In PIN@Y Club, we aim to learn about food, culture, history, language, human rights. We celebrate family, diversity, tradition, friendship and community. The organization is part of Kabataan Alliance: The National Alliance of Filipino Youth.

As a result of the forced diaspora from the motherland, Filipinos find themselves needing a space to take root in a foreign land. Meanwhile Filipinos born in the U.S. find themselves searching for their identity and heritage. We are creating this space through PIN@Y: Filipinos in NEIU!

We will not only have this space for people who identify as Filipino or Filipino-American but also for non Filipinos curious about the culture to come together, but also to educate the broader community about Filipino culture, history and tradition and to serve the Filipino community outside of the campus.

Therefore, we aim to:

(1) celebrate and educate the community on Filipino culture, history and tradition;

(2) create a space for Filipinos and non-Filipinos to come together and get to know Filipino culture, history and tradition;

(3) advocate for and serving the Filipino community outside of campus through collaborative projects and outreach;

(4) actively be in solidarity with other organizations off and on campus;

If want to learn more about and celebrate Filipino history, heritage, culture, tradition and languages, or you just want to get together and build a community, you’re welcome to join!

Interested students who want to become involved are welcome to join our meetings. We meet every week, every Tuesday from 3-4 p.m. in B 152.

ART: We have upcoming events to celebrate Filipino American History Month in October. All month we will be displaying art by Filipino American artists. Art gallery exhibiting Filipino artists work about Filipino history, culture, socio-political issues and resistance (Ronald Williams Library 9/30 – 10/5) and Village Square Display case (10/23 -10/25)

Building B SLD Display Case

Cafe Descartes in Village Square – all month

Collecting Donations: Balikbayan Box – collect donations of non-perishable foods/necessities for communities in the Philippines (canned goods, clothing, school supplies).

Hosting bake sale on Tuesday, 10/8 2:30-5:30 p.m. in Village Square, history presentation and film showing: Delano Manongs on 10/15 3-4 p.m., Palaro (Filipino games) on 10/22 3-4 p.m. and presentation on All Souls and All Saints day 3-4 p.m. Open mic night and Halo-Halloween party on 10/29 6-8:30 p.m.