10/08 Police Blotter


The following Incidents occurred on NEIU campus property for the dates of Sept. 12 to Oct. 8

Sept. 12 – Parking Lot C*

Police responded to a report of male attempting to burn a tree. Subject stated that he was using a lighter to remove bug carcasses and give bugs a proper burial. Subject left campus.

Sept. 12 – The Nest *

Student dropped off copy of active order of protection for NEIUPD records. Student provided emergency numbers in case offender comes to campus.

Sept. 12 – CCICS Parking Lot *

Employee reported feeling unsafe and threatened by incident that occurred after he took pictures of two subjects arguing in parking lot. They confronted him and blocked his car.

Sept. 14– The Nest *

Student was transported to a hospital for observation after hitting the back of her head on a wall when she fell. Subject was possibly under the influence of alcohol.

Sept. 14 – CCICS *

Officers responded to door alarm. After some doors were found open, Chicago PD and K-9 unit assisted with a sweep of the building. Nothing was found out of place.

Sept. 16 – NEIU *

Former student concerned about returning to school due to an issue he had with a subject in the boxing club at NEIU two years ago.

Sept. 17 – Off Campus *

Neighborhood business owner reported incident with unruly and intoxicated male. Subject screamed at staff and caused property damage. Report also filed with Chicago PD.

Sept. 18 – Village Square *

Subject approached NEIU PD officer to discuss stressors in his life. 

Sept. 19 – 3621 W. Bryn Mawr *

Unknown offender stole two university-owned chairs from seating area on Bryn Mawr.

Sept. 19 – LWH *

Staff reports symptoms of watery eyes and a runny nose after curtains in office were cleaned. 

Sept. 19 – Parking Facility *

Staffer reports that she slipped in water on stairs and sustained injuries to her leg and toes two days prior to reporting the incident. She sought out medical attention at the health services department. 

Sept. 19 – Library

Officers and engineers responded to a call of a person trapped inside an elevator. No injuries were reported and student was safely rescued. 

Sept. 20 – Parking Garage

Unknown offender struck and damaged a car while parked in a garage. 

Sept. 20 – B Building

Unknown offender wrote graffiti on all urinal privacy panels inside men’s washroom. Facilities were notified for clean up.

Sept. 23 – El Centro

Unknown offender wrote graffiti on building near the El Centro building.

Sept. 26 – Intersection of Bryan Mawr and Kimball

Faculty member reports being approached at bus stop and punched on the shoulder by unknown Caucasian male, approximately 50 years old. Victim does not wish to file charges. 

Sept. 26 – LWH

Officers responded to a call from a person in lower level. Ambulance transported victim to hospital for observation. 

Sept. 26 – PE Building

During an argument, subject kicked and broke a glass windowpane. He later sought out medical aid for his foot. A non-academic misconduct report was filed.

Sept. 27 – NEIU

CPD and NEIUPD responded to a hang up / well being call coming from NEIU. No results were found.

Sept. 28 – Access Road

While on patrol, officer came across disabled vehicle with significant damage after swerving to avoid a distracted motorist. No injuries were reported. The vehicle was towed.

Sept. 30 – C Building

Fire alarm was set off by burnt food in an office microwave. Fire department responded, but there was no fire.

Oct. 1 – Quad Area

While on routine patrol, officers found propaganda stickers posted around campus. They were removed and inventoried. 

Oct. 1 – Parking Lot J

Unknown offender struck and damaged a car while parked in a lot.

Oct. 2 – Access Road

Student’s car hydroplaned due to rainy conditions. His car hit the curb, causing damage to the front tire. No injuries were reported. Vehicle was towed off campus. 

Oct. 3 – B Building

Officers escorted students to counseling services to speak to a professional about issues student was having outside of class.

Oct. 3 – Center for College Access and Success

Unknown offender stole nine computers from office storage area.

Oct. 3 – Parking Lot J

Traffic accident was reported.

Oct. 4 – FA Building

An article was turned in to the station.

Oct. 4 – E Building

NEIUPD received information that two Independent staff members had their after-hours access revoked after repeated violations.