09/24 Police Blotter


The following Incidents occurred on NEIU campus property for the dates of Sept. 3 to Sept 24

Sept 3– El Centro 

Officer discovered graffiti on El Centro campus.

Sept 3– D Building 

A pregnant woman was reporting pains. She was transported to a hospital.

Sept 4– J Lot 

Report of a dog left unattended in a car.

Sept 5– D Lot

Victim’s parked car struck by the offender’s car while the victim was inside.

Sept 9– WTTW Lot

A minor cyclist reported an accident with injury.

Sept 9– Info Desk

Cell phone turned in to the info desk. The phone was then turned over to NEIU PD.

Sept 11– Library

Suspicious person reported.

Sept 11– E Building

A North Carolina ID was found and given to an officer while on patrol. Contact was made with the ID owner.

Sept 11– Student Union

The victim alleged simple battery from the week prior.

Sept 11– LWH

The victim alleged harassment.

Sept 11– Info Desk

A phone was turned in over to the Info Desk. Phone turned over to NEIU PD and contact was made with the phone owner.

Sept 12– Library

Multiple calls were made about a person acting suspiciously.

Sept 12– NEIU PD

NEIU PD received a copy of an order of protection for a student.

Sept 12– CCICS

An argument was reported between an NEIU employee and unknown individuals.

Sept 12– Parking Facility

Vehicle struck while attempting to back out of a parking space.

Sept 12– Auditorium

Disruption of a speaker event was reported. The offender was detained and later released.

Sept 12– Auditorium

iPod belonging to NEIU was turned in to NEIU PD.

Sept 13 – J Lot

NEIU held a bicycle for an inebriated individual at the Fall Fest event. The individual left in an Uber.

Sept 14– Nest

An intoxicated individual was found at the Nest. The individual was transported to the hospital. 

Sept 14– CCICS

Alarm sounded at CCICS. Officers responded. Nothing was found out of place.

Sept 16– NEIU PD

An individual reported unsafe behavior.

Sept 17 – Info Desk

A credit card was turned in to the Info Desk. The card was then turned over to NEIU PD, who were unable to make contact with the card owner.

Sept 17 – Off Campus, Korean BBQ House

An individual notified NEIU PD of an aggressive and intoxicated patron at the restaurant. CPD 17th district were also notified.

Sept 17– Info Desk

Cell phone turned in to the Info Desk. The phone was turned over to NEIU PD and the owner was contacted.

Sept 18 – H Building

NEIU PD conducted a well-being check on a distraught employee.

Sept 19 – On Campus

NEIU employee reported theft of university property.

Sept 19 – LWH 

NEIU employee complained about chemical smell in the office.

Sept 19 – Parking Facility

NEIU employee sustained minor injuries in a slip and fall accident. 

The NEIU police blotter is requested from our campus police for every issue of the Independent because this publication exercises its right to do so, courtesy of the Clery Act. The Clery Act is a federal statute requiring all higher education establishments that participate in federal financial aid programs to maintain records of campus crime and campus security information. Any case that is considered ongoing may not be listed in the blotter. For this reason, there may be updated reports published retroactively once those cases are closed. For more information about the Clery Act, visit the NEIU police department’s webpage.