09/10 Police Blotter


The following Incidents occurred on NEIU campus property for the dates of July 30 to September 10.

July 30 – Student Union *

Officers responded to fire alarm. Building was evacuated. No smoke or fire was found. Engineers scheduled to correct problem.

July 30 – Quad Area *

Officers responded to call of extremely disoriented male with visible scrapes on fingers and cheeks. Ambulance transported him to hospital for evaluation.

July 31 – C Building *

Victim reported losing her footing on stairs being occupied by protestors and fell, injuring herself. She refused medical attention at this time.

August 1 – BBH *

Victim claimed she slipped and fell outside second floor bathroom. Victim was transported to hospital by a friend for medical attention.

August 8 – The Nest *

Complainant believes someone is tampering with her mail.

August 9 – B Building *

Police presence was requested during advisement meeting due to odd behavior from student.

August 11 – Parking Garage *

During routine patrol, officers came across unoccupied van with sheet draped over front seats obstructing view to rear. Owner was not present. No entry was made.

August 13 – E Building *

During routine patrol, officers found two newspaper staff members in office. Both had failed to follow university policy and check in with police after hours.\

August 16 – PE Building *

Unknown offender stole bicycle tire while bicycle was secure on rack.

August 16 – Library *

Victim reports theft of MacBook by unknown subjects who found his bag that he had left unattended. Subjects returned bag but stole computer. 

August 20 – LWH

A desktop computer was found uploading “malware” program

August 26 – BBH

Unknown offender wrote graffiti on building’s glass door. Facilities management notified for clean up.

August 27 – BBH

Staff reports a person that he used to share office space with stole files from him. He is also filing a report with CPD and getting an order of protection.

August 27 – Parking Lot F

Subject reported that her car was stolen from campus lot. A tow truck was observed loading a car with a matching description. Subject admits to being late on car payments.

August 27 – Grounds Shed

Unknown offender stole ten-gallon shop vacuum, back pack blower and a ladder from storage unit.

August 27 – Off Campus

Student received phone call from unknown male offering her thousands of dollars for a photo shoot and a role in a movie. Student felt uncomfortable and refused offer. 

August 27 – Parking Garage

Victim reports traffic accident while backing out of parking spot. Her vehicle was struck, causing damage, but no injuries were reported.

August 28 – Fine Arts

Student became irate after speaking with dean of students. Officers made contact with him and served him with an active order of protection. Case is still ongoing. 

August 28 – The Nest

Officers responded to a fire alarm at the nest. Fire department prevention bureau was conducting a fire drill, however no notification was made to campus police. 

September 3 – El Centro

Unknown offender wrote graffiti on building owned by university. Photos were taken. 

September 4 – Parking Lot J

Police received complaints of a dog left unattended inside a parked car. Windows were left half open. Owner showed up and officers spoke with her. 


* Updated reports